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Top 3 Cruise Proposals

cruise proposalBest Ways to Propose on a Cruise

What better way to make it official than to purpose to that special someone on a cruise! We already know how romantic cruising can be and if you do it right a cruise proposal can be absolutely magical!

Happy Traveler Comment
I want to thank you [Glynna] for suggesting the Avalon boat trip through the Rhine River. We had a superb time. As I reflect back I am in awe of the history in Europe. The architecture is stunning. I would recommend the trip to all that inquire about it. The finale of a week in Holland was the icing on the cake. Did I say we had a WONDERFUL time? Thank you so much. — Sharon F.

I have to admit, since I was a little girl I have been dreaming about the prefect proposal. Even as a married woman I think about how amazing it will be when my daughter gets proposed to and I’m already training my boys on how to deliver the perfect proposal.  Trust me, cruise proposals are at the top of my dream proposal list and the perfect way to start any romantic adventure!

  1. When I want something, I usually go all out, the bigger the better! Talk to our cruise advisors and they will help you get the crew involved ahead of time. Most cruise lines have witnessed their fair share of cruise proposals and offer a romantic package that will help you seal the deal. For instance, on Princess you can have the proposal on the big screen at their Movies Under the Stars or even get your proposal put in the daily on board newspaper. Another one of my favorites is prearranging with the crew to have something special done during a show or at dinner.

cruise proposalsNote:    Remember the details. Even though you want it to be a surprise make sure she is dressed appropriately and not getting proposed to in front of a ton of people with her hair in a bun! That was where my now husband messed up. He rushed me that morning, I am sure he was nervous, but I didn’t have time to make myself perfect for the occasion.

  1. Pop the question on a shore excursion! Almost every port has some kind of amazing excursion and if you plan in advance you will really sweep her off her feet. My personal favorite would be on a horseback riding excursion at the beach but there are so many others. If she’s daring you can do it while zip-lining through the mountains, snorkeling, or on a helicopter tour. If adventure is not her forte prearrange a special candlelight dinner at an amazing restaurant.
  2. If the above seemed a little bit grandiose for your taste, there is no problem tuning it down. Cruise proposals at sea are enchanting all on their own. With the help of the crew, you can find a secluded spot to pop the question. I would suggest making sure a ship photographer is close by to capture the moment! She will appreciate having a photo to capture this amazing memory.

Note: Parents like to be involved and it’s always best to put your best foot forward with the in laws, and your own parents for that matter. So if at all possible plan your trip in advance and ask that others come along with you! I am sure they will keep your surprise. If getting everyone together is out of the question or makes you too nervous, make a video ahead of time with everyone congratulating the two of you. Added bonus to the video is that it’s another memory that will last a lifetime!

To pull off the perfect cruise proposal you will need to do some planning ahead of time. Nervous about all the details? Call one of our cruise advisors for help! They can help you plan the perfect cruise proposal at 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784). Don’t forget to join our InnerCircle and like us on Facebook for exclusive offers and cruise news you can use!

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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