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Things to Experience on Australia Cruises

Australia Cruises

Experience the outback on an Australia cruise.

With Australia also being a vast continent, touring the entire country can be difficult but Australia cruises provide the ideal transportation and sightseeing opportunities to experience nearly everything Australia has to offer.

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Located between the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia’s geographical location has helped the landmass produce some of the most assorted arrays of deserts, mountains, coral reefs, and rainforests found anywhere.

Whether looking for wildlife in the air, sea, or land, Australia’s diverse wildlife inhabits lakes, rivers, and the ocean for some of the most unique creatures on the planet. Although experiencing the country’s land animals and marine life is near the top of every cruise traveler’s list, urban dwellers interested in city life can also explore Sydney and Melbourne for an exclusive urban culture experience.

Australian cruises aren’t just limited to the country either. With neighboring country New Zealand being home to the filming of the Lord of the Rings, New Zealand also offers some of the most scenic nature spots the world has to offer.

No matter if you cruise to Australia or embark on a New Zealand cruise, you won’t be disappointed with your bevy of options exploring nature, animal life, or city-related adventures.

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Cruise to Australia for Animal Life Experiences to Remember

When on an Australia cruise, you have no shortage of wildlife to view and marvel at. From the country’s famous kangaroos and koalas to sharks, crocodiles, and parrots, Australia’s adorable and ferocious creatures are something every cruise traveler should experience.

When looking for marine life, a cruise to Australia will surely take you to pristine coastlines and turquoise waters. One of Australia’s coastal mammals is the Dugong, which is nicknamed the ‘sea cow’ for its slow movements and mostly herbivorous appetite.

A cruise to Australia wouldn’t be complete without seeing one of the more unique creatures to call Australia home – the platypus. Looking like a mix between a duck, beaver and sea otter, viewing the platypus can be experienced at the Australian Platypus Park on Tarzali Lake.

You won’t have to look in the sky to notice the amazing array of birds you can interact with on your cruise to Australia. With nearly 60 species of parrots alone in Australia, viewing these colorful and boisterous birds will certainly leave a favorable impression on your wildlife encounters.

For land animals, Australia is famous for its koalas, kangaroos, and dingoes, but the other native wildlife will leave you in awe and perhaps a little scared.

Emus are the second-largest bird in the world with the capability to reach over 6-feet in height. To see the Emu up close and personal, take a visit to the Australian zoo.

Australia cruises and the country’s wildlife can be majestic but there are some creatures where encounters aren’t for the faint of heart. Two species of fresh and saltwater crocodiles are a dangerous but impressive species to witness from the safety of a zoo or vessel.

When swimming Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, you may have the pleasure or freight of encountering a shark. Bull sharks are the most common and one of the most dangerous marine creatures Australia has to offer.

Whether looking for docile or vicious animals, peaceful or adventurous nature outings, or city-related experiences, Australia’s vast wilderness and oceans provide the ideal journey for everyone’s taste.

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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