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Ultimate Cruise Packing List: Never Leave Anything Behind

Ensure a trip of a lifetime with there cruise packing tips

It’s a lot of fun planning your cruise vacation so we’ve compiled the ultimate cruise Packing list to help your planning.

Once you decide on your destination, there are excursion choices to make, dining and beverage packages to choose, and selecting the best cabin for your cruising experience.

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These preparations are the ones most people concentrate on and packing for the trip is left to the last minute. Unfortunately, putting packing off can result in forgetting some important items you may need.

At, we’ve heard stories from many of our clients about the cruise essentials they forgot to pack.

To help you have the best experience ever, we’ve put together the Ultimate Cruise Packing List including things you need and some fun things to bring on a cruise.

Click here to learn proper cruise etiquette for first-time cruisers.

Packing for Your Cruise

Do an online search for the climate of your destination in the month of your cruise so you can choose the appropriate clothing for the season and pack a little extra just in case.

Our Ultimate Cruise Packing List contains the rest of what you need as well as some great other items to tuck in your luggage.

Wine and Champagne – Most cruise lines let you take at least one bottle of wine or champagne on board. Amounts allowed vary, so check on your cruise line’s rules. Bring as much as allowed to cut back on the expense of purchasing at the bars.
Corkscrew – You want to remember the corkscrew to open your wine or champagne in your room.
Plastic Shoe Organizer – Hang this over the bathroom door and fill the pockets with personal care items. It keeps them handy and doesn’t use up the limited counter space.
Refillable Water Bottle – These are great for bringing water on excursions and for refilling at a restaurant. You’ll save money not having to buy expensive bottled water.
Insulated Lunch Bag or Backpack – Instead of taking your usual beach bag, backpack, or lunch bag, bring insulated bags and use them for cold drinks, sandwiches, and some treats from the breakfast buffet to take on your day’s excursion.
Phone Dry Pouch – These inexpensive accessories keep your phone, passport, and ID dry when you are at the beach, in a boat, or anywhere they are at risk of getting wet or damp.
Lanyard – You need to keep your ship card with you all the time, and the easiest and most convenient solution is to use a lanyard. Bring one and save the $10 or more it will cost on the ship.
Zip Ties/Cable Ties – Toss a handful of these in a pocket of your luggage. They are great for temporary repairs of things such as broken zipper pulls and broken camera straps. You can also use them to attach luggage tags.
Comfort Inner Soles – You may be doing lots of walking on some of your excursions. Your feet will thank you if you have treated them to comfortable inner soles.
Scuba Diving Equipment – If you’re planning a tropical cruise where you’ll be able to go diving, bringing your own equipment will save you money.
Cards and Board Games – If your vacationing with your children, board games come in handy for a pre-bedtime activity. A deck of cards, a glass of wine, and friends make for a fun game of cards sitting on your private balcony.
Camera Equipment – You’ll want great photo memories of your cruise. Be sure to have extra batteries and memory cards for your digital camera. If your using your phone, bring a portable phone charger so you don’t run out of power when you’re out on excursions.
Binoculars – No matter what your destination, a pair of binoculars will bring the scenery and wildlife up closer for your enjoyment.
Small First Aid Kit – Your cruise ship has a doctor and medical treatment available when needed, but a small first aid kit with bandages, ointment, and some Dramamine (for seasickness) will save a trip to the ship’s doctor.

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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