8 Day Viking River Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam 2024

Viking River Cruises River Cruise - Basel to Amsterdam

Rhine Getaway

Starting from $1,999
Ship(s): Viking Alruna, Viking Einar, Viking Eir, Viking Gersemi, Viking Herja, Viking Hervor, Viking Hild, Viking Hlin, Viking Idun, Viking Kara, Viking Mani, Viking Mimir, Viking Njord, Viking Rolf, Viking Sigrun, Viking Sigyn, Viking Tialfi, Viking Tir, Viking Ullur, Viking Vidar
Viking River Cruises
8 Day Viking River Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam 2024

River Cruise Description

Explore one of Europe’s best-loved rivers, the Rhine. Discover the turreted fortresses, grand cathedrals, historic cities, medieval towns and spectacular scenery of the Middle Rhine—a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sip the region’s renowned white wines, the roots of its terraced vineyards reaching back to Roman times. Savor the various culinary traditions of Alsace. From Basel and Cologne to Amsterdam, this journey reveals a rich landscape of beauty and culture.

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Departure DateShipPriced From
(per person)
Mar 13, 2024Viking Ullur$1,999Call Us!
Mar 18, 2024Viking Rolf$1,999Call Us!
Mar 19, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Mar 21, 2024Viking Gersemi$1,999Call Us!
Mar 22, 2024Viking Eir$1,999Call Us!
Mar 23, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,299Call Us!
Mar 24, 2024Viking Hlin$2,299Call Us!
Mar 25, 2024Viking Idun$2,299Call Us!
Mar 26, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Mar 27, 2024Viking Ullur$2,299Call Us!
Mar 28, 2024Viking Hervor$2,299Call Us!
Mar 29, 2024Viking Mani$2,299Call Us!
Mar 30, 2024Viking Alruna$2,499Call Us!
Mar 31, 2024Viking Kara$2,499Call Us!
Apr 1, 2024Viking Rolf$2,499Call Us!
Apr 2, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 4, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,499Call Us!
Apr 5, 2024Viking Eir$2,499Call Us!
Apr 6, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,599Call Us!
Apr 7, 2024Viking Hlin$2,599Call Us!
Apr 8, 2024Viking Idun$2,599Call Us!
Apr 9, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 10, 2024Viking Ullur$2,599Call Us!
Apr 11, 2024Viking Hervor$2,599Call Us!
Apr 12, 2024Viking Mani$2,599Call Us!
Apr 13, 2024Viking Alruna$2,799Call Us!
Apr 14, 2024Viking Kara$2,799Call Us!
Apr 15, 2024Viking Rolf$2,799Call Us!
Apr 16, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 17, 2024Viking Vidar$2,799Call Us!
Apr 18, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,799Call Us!
Apr 18, 2024Viking Tir$2,799Call Us!
Apr 19, 2024Viking Mimir$2,799Call Us!
Apr 19, 2024Viking Eir$2,799Call Us!
Apr 20, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
Apr 21, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
Apr 22, 2024Viking Idun$2,999Call Us!
Apr 23, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 24, 2024Viking Ullur$2,999Call Us!
Apr 25, 2024Viking Hervor$2,999Call Us!
Apr 26, 2024Viking ManiWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 27, 2024Viking Alruna$2,999Call Us!
Apr 28, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
Apr 29, 2024Viking Rolf$2,999Call Us!
Apr 30, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
May 2, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,999Call Us!
May 3, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
May 4, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
May 5, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
May 6, 2024Viking Idun$2,999Call Us!
May 7, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
May 8, 2024Viking SigrunWaitlistCall Us!
May 9, 2024Viking Hervor$2,999Call Us!
May 10, 2024Viking ManiWaitlistCall Us!
May 11, 2024Viking Alruna$2,999Call Us!
May 12, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
May 13, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
May 14, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
May 15, 2024Viking Einar$2,999Call Us!
May 16, 2024Viking GersemiWaitlistCall Us!
May 17, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
May 18, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
May 19, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
May 20, 2024Viking Idun$2,999Call Us!
May 21, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
May 22, 2024Viking SigrunWaitlistCall Us!
May 23, 2024Viking Hervor$2,999Call Us!
May 24, 2024Viking Mani$2,999Call Us!
May 25, 2024Viking Alruna$2,999Call Us!
May 26, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
May 27, 2024Viking Herja$2,999Call Us!
May 27, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
May 28, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
May 29, 2024Viking Einar$2,999Call Us!
May 30, 2024Viking GersemiWaitlistCall Us!
May 31, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
Jun 1, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
Jun 2, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
Jun 3, 2024Viking Hild$2,999Call Us!
Jun 3, 2024Viking Idun$2,999Call Us!
Jun 4, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 5, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,999Call Us!
Jun 6, 2024Viking Hervor$2,999Call Us!
Jun 7, 2024Viking Mani$2,999Call Us!
Jun 8, 2024Viking Alruna$2,999Call Us!
Jun 9, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
Jun 10, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 11, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 12, 2024Viking Einar$2,999Call Us!
Jun 13, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,999Call Us!
Jun 14, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
Jun 15, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
Jun 16, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
Jun 17, 2024Viking Idun$2,799Call Us!
Jun 18, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 19, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,799Call Us!
Jun 20, 2024Viking Hervor$2,799Call Us!
Jun 21, 2024Viking ManiWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 22, 2024Viking Alruna$2,799Call Us!
Jun 23, 2024Viking Kara$2,799Call Us!
Jun 24, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 25, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 26, 2024Viking Einar$2,799Call Us!
Jun 27, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,799Call Us!
Jun 28, 2024Viking Eir$2,799Call Us!
Jun 29, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,799Call Us!
Jun 30, 2024Viking Hlin$2,799Call Us!
Jul 1, 2024Viking Idun$2,799Call Us!
Jul 2, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 3, 2024Viking SigrunWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 4, 2024Viking Hervor$2,799Call Us!
Jul 5, 2024Viking ManiWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 6, 2024Viking Alruna$2,799Call Us!
Jul 7, 2024Viking Kara$2,799Call Us!
Jul 8, 2024Viking Rolf$2,799Call Us!
Jul 9, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 10, 2024Viking Einar$2,799Call Us!
Jul 11, 2024Viking GersemiWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 12, 2024Viking Eir$2,799Call Us!
Jul 13, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,799Call Us!
Jul 14, 2024Viking Hlin$2,799Call Us!
Jul 15, 2024Viking Idun$2,599Call Us!
Jul 16, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 17, 2024Viking SigrunWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 18, 2024Viking Hervor$2,599Call Us!
Jul 19, 2024Viking Mani$2,599Call Us!
Jul 20, 2024Viking Alruna$2,599Call Us!
Jul 21, 2024Viking Kara$2,599Call Us!
Jul 22, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 23, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 24, 2024Viking Einar$2,599Call Us!
Jul 25, 2024Viking GersemiWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 26, 2024Viking Eir$2,599Call Us!
Jul 27, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,599Call Us!
Jul 28, 2024Viking Hlin$2,599Call Us!
Jul 29, 2024Viking Idun$2,599Call Us!
Jul 30, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Jul 31, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,599Call Us!
Aug 1, 2024Viking Hervor$2,599Call Us!
Aug 2, 2024Viking Mani$2,599Call Us!
Aug 3, 2024Viking Alruna$2,599Call Us!
Aug 4, 2024Viking Kara$2,599Call Us!
Aug 5, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
Aug 6, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Aug 7, 2024Viking Einar$2,599Call Us!
Aug 8, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,599Call Us!
Aug 9, 2024Viking Eir$2,599Call Us!
Aug 10, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,599Call Us!
Aug 11, 2024Viking Hlin$2,599Call Us!
Aug 12, 2024Viking Idun$2,599Call Us!
Aug 13, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Aug 14, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,599Call Us!
Aug 15, 2024Viking Hervor$2,599Call Us!
Aug 16, 2024Viking Mani$2,599Call Us!
Aug 17, 2024Viking Alruna$2,799Call Us!
Aug 18, 2024Viking Kara$2,799Call Us!
Aug 19, 2024Viking RolfWaitlistCall Us!
Aug 20, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Aug 21, 2024Viking Einar$2,799Call Us!
Aug 22, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,799Call Us!
Aug 23, 2024Viking Eir$2,799Call Us!
Aug 24, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,799Call Us!
Aug 25, 2024Viking Hlin$2,799Call Us!
Aug 26, 2024Viking Idun$2,799Call Us!
Aug 27, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Aug 28, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,799Call Us!
Aug 29, 2024Viking Hervor$2,799Call Us!
Aug 30, 2024Viking Mani$2,799Call Us!
Aug 31, 2024Viking Alruna$2,799Call Us!
Sep 1, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
Sep 2, 2024Viking Rolf$2,999Call Us!
Sep 3, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Sep 4, 2024Viking Einar$2,999Call Us!
Sep 5, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,999Call Us!
Sep 6, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
Sep 7, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
Sep 8, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
Sep 9, 2024Viking Idun$2,999Call Us!
Sep 10, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Sep 11, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,999Call Us!
Sep 12, 2024Viking Hervor$2,999Call Us!
Sep 13, 2024Viking Mani$2,999Call Us!
Sep 14, 2024Viking Alruna$2,999Call Us!
Sep 15, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
Sep 16, 2024Viking Rolf$2,999Call Us!
Sep 17, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Sep 18, 2024Viking Einar$2,999Call Us!
Sep 19, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,999Call Us!
Sep 20, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
Sep 21, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
Sep 22, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
Sep 23, 2024Viking Idun$2,999Call Us!
Sep 24, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Sep 25, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,999Call Us!
Sep 26, 2024Viking Hervor$2,999Call Us!
Sep 27, 2024Viking Mani$2,999Call Us!
Sep 28, 2024Viking Alruna$2,999Call Us!
Sep 29, 2024Viking Kara$2,999Call Us!
Sep 30, 2024Viking Rolf$2,999Call Us!
Oct 1, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Oct 2, 2024Viking Einar$2,999Call Us!
Oct 3, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,999Call Us!
Oct 4, 2024Viking Eir$2,999Call Us!
Oct 5, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,999Call Us!
Oct 6, 2024Viking Hlin$2,999Call Us!
Oct 7, 2024Viking Idun$2,799Call Us!
Oct 8, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Oct 9, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,799Call Us!
Oct 10, 2024Viking Hervor$2,799Call Us!
Oct 11, 2024Viking Mani$2,799Call Us!
Oct 12, 2024Viking Alruna$2,799Call Us!
Oct 13, 2024Viking Kara$2,799Call Us!
Oct 14, 2024Viking Rolf$2,799Call Us!
Oct 15, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Oct 16, 2024Viking Einar$2,799Call Us!
Oct 17, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,799Call Us!
Oct 18, 2024Viking Eir$2,799Call Us!
Oct 19, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,799Call Us!
Oct 20, 2024Viking Hlin$2,799Call Us!
Oct 21, 2024Viking Idun$2,599Call Us!
Oct 22, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Oct 23, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,599Call Us!
Oct 24, 2024Viking Hervor$2,599Call Us!
Oct 25, 2024Viking Mani$2,599Call Us!
Oct 26, 2024Viking Alruna$2,599Call Us!
Oct 27, 2024Viking Kara$2,599Call Us!
Oct 28, 2024Viking Rolf$2,599Call Us!
Oct 29, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Oct 30, 2024Viking Einar$2,599Call Us!
Oct 31, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,599Call Us!
Nov 1, 2024Viking Eir$2,399Call Us!
Nov 2, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,399Call Us!
Nov 3, 2024Viking Hlin$2,399Call Us!
Nov 5, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!
Nov 6, 2024Viking Sigrun$2,399Call Us!
Nov 7, 2024Viking Hervor$2,399Call Us!
Nov 8, 2024Viking Mani$2,399Call Us!
Nov 9, 2024Viking Alruna$2,399Call Us!
Nov 10, 2024Viking Kara$2,399Call Us!
Nov 12, 2024Viking SigynWaitlistCall Us!
Nov 13, 2024Viking Einar$2,199Call Us!
Nov 14, 2024Viking Gersemi$2,199Call Us!
Nov 15, 2024Viking Eir$2,199Call Us!
Nov 16, 2024Viking Tialfi$2,199Call Us!
Nov 19, 2024Viking NjordWaitlistCall Us!

River Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 Basel, Switzerland

Welcome to Basel, on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland. Transfer from the airport to your ship.* After boarding, enjoy time on your own getting acquainted with the city. Dinner is served on board.

Day 2 Breisach, Germany

Arrive in Breisach this morning, gateway to the Black Forest. Take a scenic excursion through the area’s renowned mountain landscape, rolling meadows and dense forests. Once there, visit a local workshop to see a cuckoo clock-making demonstration, and learn how Black Forest Cake is made. Return to your ship for lunch. This afternoon, perhaps join an optional excursion to the quaint Alsatian town of Colmar to discover the storybook charm of its streets lined with medieval, Gothic and Renaissance buildings, and visit a fine arts museum. Alternately, choose an optional excursion that explores Colmar’s World War II history. Dine on board this evening and cruise on through the night.
(B, L, D)

Day 3 Strasbourg, France

Disembark this morning for your guided tour of Strasbourg. See the European Parliament and tour the interior of the city’s famed cathedral. Free time allows you to further explore this Alsatian city’s blend of French and German cultures, resplendent churches, medieval covered bridges, verdant parks and handsome art nouveau and modernist architecture. Alternately, join our optional excursion into Alsatian wine country for an informative winery tour and tasting. Or, spend your full day exploring culinary Strasbourg on an optional excursion; as you explore the city and take in its sights, savor samples of the renowned Alsatian cuisine, from regional dessert specialties and meats to wine pairings with local foods. Return to your ship for dinner and departure.
(B, L, D)

Day 4 Speyer & Rudesheim, Germany

This morning, disembark for an included tour to visit the historic the historic town of Speyer and take in views of the imposing Speyer Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 11th century on the site of a former basilica, the building’s design influenced Romanesque architecture for centuries to come, and is the final resting place of eight German monarchs. Alternatively, after breakfast, you may choose to disembark for a full day tour of Heidelberg, the home of Germany’s oldest university, founded in 1386. Visit the beautiful sandstone ruins of imposing Heidelberg Castle and admire the Neckar River Valley. Continue with a walking tour through Old Town to Heidelberg’s renowned gates and after lunch, rejoin your ship in Rüdesheim. This evening, you can dine on board your ship or choose to experience one of our optional dinners on shore tonight.
(B, L, D)

Day 5 Koblenz, Germany

This morning, sail along the most scenic stretch of the Rhine, where turreted castles and fortresses overlook the river from their hilltop posts. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this part of the Middle Rhine Valley is so beautiful. Arrive in Koblenz this afternoon and disembark for a guided exploration of Koblenz on foot. You may also join an optional excursion that offers a lively and informative tour of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress; or, choose to journey into Moselle wine country on an optional excursion, stopping for a tour and tasting at a local winery. Return to your ship for lunch. Later, enjoy some time in this charming town at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine Rivers.
(B, L, D)

Day 6 Cologne, Germany

Begin your day with a morning tour of Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city. Stroll through Old Town past St. Martin’s Church and see the Dom, Germany’s largest cathedral and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend your free time enjoying Cologne’s atmospheric waterfront, or perhaps join an optional excursion on which you ascend to the Dom’s roof for up-close views of the cathedral’s architecture and bird’s-eye vistas of Cologne. Afterward, return on board for dinner. Alternately, you may set off on an optional excursion to explore Cologne’s spirited beer culture, sampling Kölsch, a light, crisp beer brewed only in Cologne, and enjoying a brauhaus dinner. After, return to your ship for a late-evening departure.
(B, L, D)

Day 7 Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

We sail along the Rhine during the morning hours. Admire scenic views and enjoy a morning of enjoyable Dutch diversions: sample Dutch cheeses and jenever, a distilled juniper liquor, and take in a culturally enriching presentation on the Dutch Golden Age. This afternoon, your ship arrives in Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Disembark for an afternoon tour of this ingenious network of windmills and other flood management devices. You learn why the windmills were built and see how they work, plus you enter a working windmill for a tour of its mechanisms and living quarters. Board your ship for departure and dinner. Arrive in Amsterdam around midnight.
(B, L, D)

Day 8 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After breakfast, disembark and proceed to the airport for your return flight.* Or, extend your journey with 2 additional nights in Amsterdam; take time to explore the city’s neighborhoods, museums and exciting nightlife.
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