8 Day Viking River Cruise from Paris to Paris 2023

Viking River Cruises River Cruise - Paris to Paris

Paris & the Heart of Normandy

Starting from $1,999
Ship(s): Viking Fjorgyn, Viking Kari, Viking Radgrid, Viking Skaga
Viking River Cruises
8 Day Viking River Cruise from Paris to Paris 2023

River Cruise Description

Dock in the heart of Paris, admiring views of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty’s smaller French twin from your ship. Experience history firsthand at the Normandy beaches and delight in Rouen’s Gothic architecture. Explore Giverny and Claude Monet’s charming house and gardens, the setting inspiring many of his renowned masterpieces. This voyage celebrates art, history, food and customs in France’s most alluring urbane and pastoral settings.

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Departure DateShipPriced From
(per person)
Mar 21, 2023Viking RadgridWaitlistCall Us!
Mar 22, 2023Viking Kari$3,599Call Us!
Mar 23, 2023Viking SkagaWaitlistCall Us!
Mar 26, 2023Viking FjorgynWaitlistCall Us!
Mar 28, 2023Viking RadgridWaitlistCall Us!
Mar 29, 2023Viking Kari$3,799Call Us!
Mar 30, 2023Viking SkagaWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 2, 2023Viking FjorgynWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 4, 2023Viking RadgridWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 5, 2023Viking KariWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 6, 2023Viking SkagaWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 9, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,199Call Us!
Apr 11, 2023Viking RadgridWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 12, 2023Viking Kari$4,199Call Us!
Apr 13, 2023Viking Skaga$4,199Call Us!
Apr 16, 2023Viking FjorgynWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 18, 2023Viking RadgridWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 19, 2023Viking Kari$4,199Call Us!
Apr 20, 2023Viking SkagaWaitlistCall Us!
Apr 23, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
Apr 25, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
Apr 26, 2023Viking Kari$4,499Call Us!
Apr 27, 2023Viking Skaga$4,499Call Us!
Apr 30, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
May 2, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
May 3, 2023Viking Kari$4,299Call Us!
May 4, 2023Viking SkagaWaitlistCall Us!
May 7, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
May 9, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
May 10, 2023Viking Kari$4,499Call Us!
May 11, 2023Viking Skaga$4,499Call Us!
May 14, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
May 16, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
May 17, 2023Viking Kari$4,499Call Us!
May 18, 2023Viking Skaga$4,499Call Us!
May 21, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
May 23, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
May 24, 2023Viking Kari$4,499Call Us!
May 25, 2023Viking Skaga$4,499Call Us!
May 28, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
May 30, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
May 31, 2023Viking Kari$4,499Call Us!
Jun 1, 2023Viking SkagaWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 4, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,499Call Us!
Jun 6, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,499Call Us!
Jun 7, 2023Viking Kari$4,299Call Us!
Jun 8, 2023Viking Skaga$4,299Call Us!
Jun 11, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$4,299Call Us!
Jun 13, 2023Viking Radgrid$4,299Call Us!
Jun 14, 2023Viking Kari$4,299Call Us!
Jun 15, 2023Viking Skaga$4,299Call Us!
Jun 18, 2023Viking FjorgynWaitlistCall Us!
Jun 20, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,999Call Us!
Jun 21, 2023Viking Kari$3,799Call Us!
Jun 22, 2023Viking Skaga$3,799Call Us!
Jun 25, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,799Call Us!
Jun 27, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,799Call Us!
Jun 28, 2023Viking Kari$3,599Call Us!
Jun 29, 2023Viking Skaga$3,599Call Us!
Jul 2, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,499Call Us!
Jul 4, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,499Call Us!
Jul 5, 2023Viking Kari$3,499Call Us!
Jul 6, 2023Viking Skaga$3,499Call Us!
Jul 9, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,499Call Us!
Jul 11, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,499Call Us!
Jul 12, 2023Viking Kari$3,499Call Us!
Jul 13, 2023Viking Skaga$3,499Call Us!
Jul 16, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,299Call Us!
Jul 18, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,999Call Us!
Jul 19, 2023Viking Kari$2,999Call Us!
Jul 20, 2023Viking Skaga$2,799Call Us!
Jul 23, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$2,799Call Us!
Jul 25, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,799Call Us!
Jul 26, 2023Viking Kari$2,799Call Us!
Jul 27, 2023Viking Skaga$2,799Call Us!
Jul 30, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$2,799Call Us!
Aug 1, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,799Call Us!
Aug 2, 2023Viking Kari$2,799Call Us!
Aug 3, 2023Viking Skaga$2,799Call Us!
Aug 6, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$2,999Call Us!
Aug 8, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,999Call Us!
Aug 9, 2023Viking Kari$2,999Call Us!
Aug 10, 2023Viking Skaga$2,999Call Us!
Aug 13, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,299Call Us!
Aug 15, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,299Call Us!
Aug 16, 2023Viking Kari$3,299Call Us!
Aug 17, 2023Viking Skaga$3,299Call Us!
Aug 20, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,499Call Us!
Aug 22, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,499Call Us!
Aug 23, 2023Viking Kari$3,499Call Us!
Aug 24, 2023Viking Skaga$3,499Call Us!
Aug 27, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,599Call Us!
Aug 29, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,599Call Us!
Aug 30, 2023Viking Kari$3,499Call Us!
Aug 31, 2023Viking Skaga$3,499Call Us!
Sep 3, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,999Call Us!
Sep 5, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,999Call Us!
Sep 6, 2023Viking Kari$3,999Call Us!
Sep 7, 2023Viking Skaga$3,999Call Us!
Sep 10, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,999Call Us!
Sep 12, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,999Call Us!
Sep 13, 2023Viking Kari$3,999Call Us!
Sep 14, 2023Viking Skaga$3,999Call Us!
Sep 17, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,999Call Us!
Sep 19, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,999Call Us!
Sep 20, 2023Viking Kari$3,999Call Us!
Sep 21, 2023Viking Skaga$3,999Call Us!
Sep 24, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,999Call Us!
Sep 26, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,999Call Us!
Sep 27, 2023Viking Kari$3,999Call Us!
Sep 28, 2023Viking Skaga$3,999Call Us!
Oct 1, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,799Call Us!
Oct 3, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,799Call Us!
Oct 4, 2023Viking Kari$3,799Call Us!
Oct 5, 2023Viking Skaga$3,799Call Us!
Oct 8, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,799Call Us!
Oct 10, 2023Viking RadgridWaitlistCall Us!
Oct 11, 2023Viking Kari$3,499Call Us!
Oct 12, 2023Viking Skaga$3,499Call Us!
Oct 15, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,499Call Us!
Oct 17, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,499Call Us!
Oct 18, 2023Viking Kari$3,499Call Us!
Oct 19, 2023Viking Skaga$3,499Call Us!
Oct 22, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,499Call Us!
Oct 24, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,499Call Us!
Oct 25, 2023Viking Kari$2,999Call Us!
Oct 26, 2023Viking Skaga$2,999Call Us!
Oct 29, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$3,299Call Us!
Oct 31, 2023Viking Radgrid$3,299Call Us!
Nov 1, 2023Viking Kari$2,999Call Us!
Nov 2, 2023Viking Skaga$2,999Call Us!
Nov 5, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$2,799Call Us!
Nov 7, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,799Call Us!
Nov 12, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$2,799Call Us!
Nov 14, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,799Call Us!
Nov 19, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$2,799Call Us!
Nov 21, 2023Viking Radgrid$2,799Call Us!
Nov 26, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$1,999Call Us!
Nov 28, 2023Viking Radgrid$1,999Call Us!
Dec 3, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$1,999Call Us!
Dec 5, 2023Viking Radgrid$1,999Call Us!
Dec 10, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$1,999Call Us!
Dec 12, 2023Viking Radgrid$1,999Call Us!
Dec 17, 2023Viking Fjorgyn$1,999Call Us!
Dec 19, 2023Viking Radgrid$1,999Call Us!

River Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 Paris, France

Arrive in Paris, romance capital of the world. Transfer from the airport to your ship, docked in the heart of the city, just a short stroll from the Eiffel Tower.* After boarding, take free time to explore Paris, or join our “welcome walk” to stretch your legs and get oriented.

Day 2 Paris, France

After breakfast, embark on a tour of this dazzling city and marvel at its most remarkable sights, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. Take in the École Militaire (Military Museum), Orsay Museum and Latin Quarter, and resilient Notre Dame Cathedral. Then drive past the Louvre and Opera House and along the famed Champs-Élysées. This afternoon, you may join an optional tour to explore Montmartre Hill and the Sacré-Coeur or sample the delights of French cuisine during a food tour. Return on board for dinner and start your cruise on the Seine this evening.
(B, L, D)

Day 3 La Roche Guyon & Vernon, France

Arrive in La Roche Guyon before breakfast and enjoy a morning at your leisure to explore. The village is officially classified as one of France’s most beautiful; you will see why as you stroll through the town’s narrow streets lined with picturesque houses with wood-paneled facades. After lunch, join an included tour to the town of Giverny, where Claude Monet resided from 1883 until his death in 1926. Visit the beautiful gardens and charming stone farmhouse where he lived and worked; see the water garden with the recognizable Japanese bridge, water lilies, wisteria and azaleas that inspired many of his masterpieces.† Dinner is served on board.
(B, L, D)

Day 4 Rouen, France

Indulge in leisurely morning cruising along the Seine. Spend the afternoon in the medieval city of Rouen, preeminent capital of Normandy. Begin with a walking tour through the center of Old Town, where you see the spectacular Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, often painted by Claude Monet, and the famous Gros Horloge, a 16th-century astronomical clock. As you walk among the half-timbered storybook buildings, allow yourself to be transported back through time; see the 14th-century courthouse where Joan of Arc was sentenced to death and the nearby Market Square where she was martyred.

Day 5 Normandy Beaches

After breakfast, begin your full-day tour to the historic beaches of Normandy. Drive past Gold Beach, Courseulles sur Mer and Juno Beach on your way to visit such World War II landmarks as Omaha Beach, the American Military Cemetery and Arromanches Debarkment D-Day Museum. Alternatively, you may take a tour of Bayeaux, where you can admire the magnificent tapestry that chronicles the pre–Battle of Hastings events. Afterward, continue to Normandy’s coast and enjoy some free time at Juno Beach after your visit to the museum; then visit the Pegasus Museum. Return to your ship for dinner and relax on board, or take an evening stroll through Rouen.
(B, L, D)

Day 6 Les Andelys, France

Enjoy a leisurely morning cruise to the small town of Les Andelys, known for its imposing castle, Château Gaillard, built in 1196 by Richard the Lionheart. Disembark and join a guided walk to this fatally flawed masterpiece of Middle Ages architecture before returning to your ship.
(B, L, D)

Day 7 Le Pecq & Paris, France

After breakfast, disembark for a visit to Château de Malmaison, where Napoleon Bonaparte spent his final days in France. Along with the Tuileries, this elegant manor house, purchased by the emperor’s wife Josephine in 1799, served as the seat of Napoleon’s French government from 1800 to 1802. This afternoon, join an optional tour to the luxurious Palace of Versailles, former home of Louis XIV. This evening, you can take in the illuminated sights of Paris during a panoramic drive. Your ship remains docked in Paris overnight.
(B, L, D)

Day 8 Paris, France

After breakfast, disembark and proceed to the airport for your return flight.* Or, extend your time in France’s romantic capital with a 3-night Paris extension.
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