19 Day Avalon River Cruise from Prague to Bucharest 2019


Grand Danube Cruise with 2 Nights Transylvania River Cruise (WDOE)

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Avalon Waterways

River Cruise Description

This 2019 19 day Avalon river cruise from Prague to Bucharest is one you won’t want to miss!.Begin your scenic journey through unforgettable views on the Danube river with a two night stay in the vibrant Golden City of Prague in the heart of the Czech Republic. You will then transfer to the city of Regensburg then on to Deggendorf where you will join with your Avalon Suite Ship and embark for your first ship port town of Passau. Relax and spend free time in Passau and delight in the treasures of this thrilling “City of Three Rivers,” then sail on through the incredible Schlögen Oxbow on the Danube River—a natural phenomenon of a curve in the river that resembles a horse-shoe. From there, travel to Linz.


As you sail into the incredible country of Austria, you will stop and visit the cities of Linz, Melk, and Dürnstein. You will experience the marvelous and romantic city of Vienna and then sail on to the country of Slovakia to experience Bratislava and landmark sites such as the St. Martin’s Cathedral, then you will go on to the amazing and famous capital city of Budapest in the heart of Hungary. Your Danube river cruise on the incredible European waterways will then adventure you into the iconic Balkans and cruise you through the outstanding Iron Gates Gorge and an abundance of incredible destinations in the Balkans, including Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania.


When you come to Transylvanian, you will be taken on an experience to visit the famous Bran Castle, which was constructed in the historic year of 1377 and famous for being the home of the legendary Romanian vampire known as Dracula. Stay overnight in Brasov prior to returning to the city of Bucharest for the closing of your European journey. Your incredible adventure on the thrilling blue waters of the Danube River, followed with a true Transylvanian culture experience will be an experience unmatchable with its boasted picturesque panoramic landscape views that surround the Danube River every stretch of mile on your journey, compelling history, and the enchanting legends and stories that surround every destination you visit. Join us for an unforgettable 2019 19 day Avalon river cruise from Prague to Bucharest adventure on the Danube River.

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River Cruise Itinerary


Day 1 Arrive in Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to the Golden City of Prague—Explore the City of 100 Spires

Spend your free time during the day wandering this thrilling Golden City as well as its surrounding landscapes of countryside at your heart’s desire.

Day 2 Prague

Bridges, Books, Crystal, and Chocolate—Simple Pleasures and Grand Surprises Around Every Corner

CLASSIC Go for a City Walk under the lead of an expert guide to experience the beautiful castle grounds of the famous Hradčany Castle; visit the astounding St. Vitus Cathedral as well as the iconic Astronomical Clock in Old Town.

Later in the day, you might enjoy taking part in a Guided Optional Excursion that will expose to you the hidden treasures and secrets of Prague as you follow your expert guide to the intricate Charles Bridge and the stunning Mala Strana—two of the most picturesque and romantic sites in all of Prague.

You might enjoy tasting some of the local plum dumplings and delicious traditional Pilsner lager alongside the view of the Vltava River. Engage with some of the locals and be enthralled by the mesmerizing street performers that cover Wenceslas Square, or wander through some of the market stalls that surround Charles Bridge.

During your evening, you might opt to take part in an Optional Folklore Dinner Show which will invite you to join in a tasting of local traditional Czech cuisine in a true Prague atmosphere.

Day 3 Regensburg, Germany-Deggendorf (Embarkation)

Magical Regensburg—Bavaria’s Medieval Miracle

CLASSIC Take part in a City Walk led by an expert guide through Regensburg and visit the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) as well as the stunning Porta Pretoria—constructed in the ancient year of 179 AD to serve as the entryway to the fortress of Castra Regina.

Utilize your free time to lavish in a local German lunch and tradition beer, then go back in time as you wander the charming and and historic avenues and lanes of the modern-day city of Regensburg.

Board your Avalon Suite Ship® in the evening to embark for your next destination of Deggendorf. Join us for a welcome reception dinner provided for all river cruise guests.

(Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 4 Passau-Schlögen Oxbow

Go for Baroque in Passau–Where the Danube, Inn, and Ilz Rivers meet

CLASSIC Take part in a City Walk led by an expert guide to become more educated in everything there is to know about this exquisite “City of Three Rivers.”

ACTIVE Join your Avalon Adventure Host to embark on a hiking excursion from the city of Oberhaus and follow a trail that traces the Ilz River and leads you down to the valley floor.

Utilize some of your free time prior to setting sail to Linz to stroll along the charming cobblestone streets and phenomenal galleries of the local artists in Artists’ Alley or take a look into the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral where you might catch a few notes of a concert rehearsal.

During your afternoon, sail through the magnificent Schlögen Oxbow, a seemingly gorgeous horseshoe-shaped curve of the Danube River. Later in the evening, delight in Live Entertainment on board your Avalon Waterways river cruise ship as you relax after your full day of exploration and activities.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5 Linz, Austria

Fall in Love with Linz–Legendary Art, Music, and the Linzer Torte!

CLASSIC Take part in a Guided Walk throughout the most historic and boasted sites of this city as you journey along the shores of the Danube River and visit Hauptplatz—the largest medieval square of Austria—along with the stunning white-marble of the impressive Trinity Column.

As you continue this magnificent 19 day Europe river cruise vacation, you will find you have many options to explore your sites as you wise. You might like to join a Guided Optional Excursion that will cover the span of a full day to the famous city of Mozart—Salzburg—or journey to experience the beautiful and charming bohemian town of Česky Krumlov.

Take advantage of free time on your own during your afternoon here to take a bike and cycle along the shores of the Danube river and enjoy a scenic picnic in a local park, or go for a hike through some of the most picturesque nature trails of Linz that will lead you to Pöstlingberg for alternative birds-eye views of the river and city below.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 6 Melk-Wachau Valley

Striking Frescoes and Breathtaking Views of the Wachau Valley

CLASSIC Go for a Guided Tour through the incredible Benedictine Abbey of Melk to gaze at its ornate statues, incredible frescoed ceilings, astounding library, and intricate pipe organ.

Later in the day, relax atop the Sky Deck of your cruise ship as your cruise through the Wachau Valley through an abundance of lush green vineyards, charming castles, and fairy-tale like villages as you make your way to your next destination of Dürnstein.


Fairytale Castles, Kings, and Cobblestones

CLASSIC Partake in a Walk under the lead of an expert guide to be educated about the historic legend King Richard—named the Lionheart—who was held imprisoned throughout the Crusades in the castle, OR:

ACTIVE Participate in an adventure hike led by an expert host to visit the castle ruins and see spectacular panoramic views of the Wachau Valley below, alongside the whistling waters of the Danube River, and the charming village.

Later in the evening, delight with live entertainment on board your ship as you make preparations to sail to your next destination of Vienna.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 7 Vienna

Strauss, Schnitzel, Strudel, and Sachertorte

DISCOVERY Partake in a Guided Sightseeing Tour to see the romantic city of Vienna and experience significant places such as the Habsburg Dynasty collection of Kuntskammer.

CLASSIC Later in the day, you may choose to put your complimentary ticket to a nearby Museum of Viennese culture to use, or you may choose to resume with more Guided Sightseeing in the breathtaking Vienna.

You may decide to join in an Optional Excursion to Schönbrunn Palace to visit the former summer vacation residence of the monarch of Habsburg led by an expert guide who will answer any questions you might have about this famous Imperial Family.

Utilize your free time on a leisurely stroll through one of the most populated shopping expanses in central Vienna—the Kärntnerstrassee—or borrow a bike from your ship to take a bike ride to a local café to taste some of the delicious local Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel.

Later during your evening, you might enjoy the option to join the audience of a Royal Waltz Concert on an Optional Excursion for a memorable evening of elegant music in an exquisite hall.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 8 Bratislava, Slovakia

Classic and Contemporary—from Cathedrals and Castle Walls to Art Gallery Halls

CLASSIC Take part in a City Walk accompanied by an expert tour guide that will take you to see the enchanting avenues of the city’s Old Town, as well as the iconic Town Hall and remarkable St. Martin’s Cathedral.

Enjoy yourself with free time during your Slovakian day by taking a Nordic walking stick from your river cruise ship and embark on a hiking exploration to see the magnificent Bratislava Castle.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 9 Budapest, Hungary

The Pearl of the Danube in the Heart of Europe

CLASSIC Take part in City Sightseeing led by an expert local guide who will journey you to experience the historic and massive Heroes’ Square.

Take in the vast and extraordinary views in this thrilling city of Budapest as you utilize free time during your afternoon to stroll through the city to see historic landmarks such as the stunning Chain Bridge. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting a few of the city’s countless pubs and serene cafés that Budapest has to offer or embark on a hiking exploration through the tree-lined mountains and green terrain that peacefully traces the deep blue waters of the Danube River.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 10 Budapest, Hungary

The day is yours to relax and enjoy Eastern Europe’s shining city on the Danube.

Take advantage of free time during your day and stroll through Budapest to capture photographic memories at iconic sites such as the Royal Palace grounds as well many other significant landmarks in this thrilling city that boasts a long and important history. You may delight in a visit to the large thermal bath spas that Budapest is famous for hosting, then delight in a meal surrounded by a vibrant garden or on a rooftop restaurant.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 11 Mohács

Archaeology, Architecture, and an Ancient Watermill

CLASSIC Take part in a Guided Tour of the nearby town of Mohács—the quaint harbor town of the Danube which boasts serene memorial parks, incredible statues, and elegant churches. Take a tour of the astounding medieval St. Nicholas Watermill, OR:

CLASSIC Take part in a Tour accompanied by an expert guide to visit an adjacent town of Pécs to get a look at its curious underground Christian tombs that date back to the 4th century, which hold striking ancient murals as well as elaborate Turkish architecture. You may also like the opportunity to delight in local musical ambiance during an organ concert on your tour.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 12 Belgrade, Serbia

Fortresses and Folklore of Serbia Past and Present

DISCVOERY Immerse yourself in the thrilling history, significant destinations, and rich culture of the Balkan states throughout an educational lecture on board your river cruise vessel.

CLASSIC Take part in a Sightseeing tour of the lovely Belgrade with an expert guide who will show you every vital site there is to see in this central town where the Sava and Danube rivers meet. Visit important sites such as one of the world’s biggest Orthodox churches, known as the Saint Sava.

You may delight in spending your additional free time throughout your day to continue to explore Belgrade—maybe take a walk down Knez Mihailova Street—named as one of Belgrade’s most populated pedestrian centers that boasts an abundance of quaint shops, cafés, eateries, and thrilling spots.

During your evening, you might like to take part in an Optional traditional Bohemian Dinner in the Skadarlija Quarter.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 13 Donji Milanovac. Excursion to Lepenski Vir – Iron Gates Gorge

Ancient Art, Archaeological Artifacts, and Gauntlet of the Iron Gates

CLASSIC Join in a Guided Tour of the striking Lepenski Vir—a primary site bursting with archaeological discovery that record the length of prehistoric settlements and civilizations that once lived there, as well as ancient art. Gaze in wonder at these incredible artifacts and historic discoveries as well as the unique landscape panoramas that this site allows you of the whimsical Danube Gorge.

Following your lunch on board your cruise vessel, you will sail through the waters of the narrow and outstanding Iron Gates Gorge that stands as a natural border formed as a separation between the countries of Serbia and Romania.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 14 Cetate, Romania

A Bygone Era and New Mountains to Climb

ACTIVE Accompany your Avalon Adventure Host for a morning run along the shores of the river for an alternative sightseeing experience to begin your day.

CLASSIC See the old grain-shipping port on the Danube as you take part in a Guided Tour of Cetate that includes a local wine tasting.

Cruise the Danube waters to your next destination of Vidin in the afternoon.

Rocks and Ruins—Things of Beauty in Bulgaria

CLASSIC Join in a Tour of Belogradchik accompanied by an expert local guide to see the fascinating natural rock formation that graces the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains for an irreplaceable rocky experience.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 15 Nikopol.  Excursion to Veliko Târnovo & Arbanassi-Svistov

Cliffside Dwellings and Castle Ruins of Bulgarian Kings

CLASSIC Take part in a Guided Tour that will cover the span of a full day to experience the thrilling Bulgarian Capital of Veliko Târnovo—boasting its historic stone houses that are barely hanging on the towering cliffs above the waters of the Yantra River, and the historic 15th-century town of Arbanassi.

For an alternative option, cruise to Rousse on board your river cruise vessel.

Fortresses and Fountains in Bulgaria’s “Little Vienna”

You might decide to stay with your cruise vessel today as it makes its way to Rousse—named “Little Vienna” for its classic and baroque architecture.

CLASSIC Take part in a Sightseeing Tour led by an expert guide to experience the largest inland port of Bulgaria and see its incredible Holy Trinity Church, OR:

ACTIVE Take part on a run during the afternoon through a local park led by your Avalon Adventure Host.

Later in the evening, relax as you delight in live entertainment on board your ship with a Bulgarian folklore show.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 16 Oltenita, Romania (Disembarkation) – Bucharest

A Night in Bucharest—the “Paris of the East”

CLASSIC Join in a Guided Tour of the exciting capital city of Bucharest in Romania which offers beautiful tree-lined avenues and streets as well as its famous Arc de Triomphe—constructed to commemorate the Romanian soldiers that served in World War I. Visit the Royal Palace Square – the historic site of the 1989 riots in the city that took place to over throw the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Utilize your free time by joining an exploration of this incredible city during your own leisurely time to experience a few of its modern shops, local café’s, fascinating museums, exquisite homes, and elegant churches that reside along Victory Avenue.

Day 17Bucharest.

Depart from the city of Bucharest to travel to the famous Bran Castle of the iconic Dracula lore. Participate in a Guided tour that will take you on an experience throughout this 1377 home of the famous Romanian vampire. Continue on to Brasov for an overnight stay.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

[rc_info day=18]Brasov-Bucharest

Take part in a Guided Sightseeing Tour of Brasov in the morning and follow it with a serene drive in the afternoon through the iconic Carpathians to Sinaia to stop and get a look at the famous Peles Castle.
(Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 19 Bucharest

Your 19 day Avalon river cruise from Prague to Bucharest with two nights in Transylvania comes to a close following one final breakfast with us this morning.

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