8 Day Avalon River Cruise from Arles to Paris 2019


Active & Discovery on the Rhône - Northbound River Cruise (WLY)

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Avalon Waterways

River Cruise Description

Your Rhône River Active Discovery Cruise is waiting to show you the exciting sights of the magnificent country of France and the adventures that await as you embark on an unforgettable French river cruise. You will explore the incredibly romantic landscapes and scenery, but you will also get the chance to engage in activities that indulge your interests and passions as well. This 2019 8 day Avalon river cruise form Arles to Paris has it all.

Your river cruise is full of Avalon Choice inclusions for each port you visit along the Rhône River. Choose the Active, Classic, and Discovery included excursions that speak to you—from casual and leisurely to cultural and active. In addition to classic sightseeing and relaxed free time, you can visit an oyster farm, bike through Camargue Regional Nature Park to spot flamingos, or take a painting workshop in Arles—in the style of Van Gogh. You’ll have the classic sightseeing and relaxing activities in each destination, along with your choice of included arts, culture, and cuisine excursions, for the French vacation you’ve dreamed of.

Take a canoe excursion or linger in a corner cafés; stroll Avignon’s papal palace or attend a wine tasting in an underground cave. Admire the lovely scenery of the French countryside, or join a culinary walk to discover architecture and local specialties, or take a cooking class in Lyon. With so many included choices, you’ll find the perfect way to spend your day—from a ghost tour in Viviers to a guided bike ride through the birthplace of rosé wines; to a chocolate factory tour and a visit to a French museum of perfumes. Our Active & Discovery Rhône River cruise with Avalon Choice includes activities and excursions to experience the Rhône River your way and at your pace.
. Your stay in Paris is the perfect way to conclude this 2019 8 day Avalon river cruise form Arles to Paris along the outstanding Rhône River.

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River Cruise Itinerary

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Day 1 Arrive in Arles, France(Embarkation)

Bienvenue en France! Your Suite Ship® is Ready for Boarding. Get read for the start of this 10 day Avalon river cruise form Arles to Paris adventure!
All incoming flights to Marseille must arrive by 3 pm in the afternoon. All cruise guests must board the ship by 5 pm in the afternoon. There will be an onboard reception to welcome all of our River Cruise guests.



Day 2 Port-Saint-Louis

Oysters and Flamingos in the Rhône Delta

Begin your first full day with a Morning Stretch led by your Avalon Adventure Host while sailing to your first destination of Port-Saint-Louis where you will have the option of a guided hike or bike tour through the beautiful Camargue Regional Natural Park, or the option of attending a tasting at a local oyster farm.

ACTIVE Explore on a Guided Hike of the Camargue Regional Nature Park. You’ll get breathtaking views of its plush marsh and wetland habitat at the entrance of the Rhône—inhabited by a large variety of fauna and flora—in one of France’s most cared-for and safeguarded natural reserves, OR:

ACTIVE Embark on a thrilling Guided Bike Ride into the Camargue Natural Park while keeping a watchful eye out scanning for a few of more than 400 bird species that inhabit this expansive place—including the exquisite species of the pink flamingo—along the paths of the Mediterranean’s Rhône delta, OR:

DISCOVERY Join in on a Guided Tour to delight in a visit to a local oyster farm where you will be educated on the farming of this French delicacy and enjoy a taste for yourself of these delicious oysters.

You will sail the river waters back to Arles in the evening to ready for tomorrow’s sensational menu of activities.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 3 Arles

A Master Class, Mysterious Images, and a Matador in Provence

Today you will have the options of a guided tour in Arles, where you can make the acquaintance of a local bullfighter and learn about the tricks of this trade as handed down through the centuries, or be led on a hike through the Hell Valley and visit Carrière de Lumières, or brush up on your artistic skills in a painting workshop.

ACTIVE Go for a Guided Hike in Val d’Enfer, that inherits its name from the mysteriousness of its white limestone rock formations; after, be intrigued by an enchanting Audio/Visual Experience of music, images, and arrays of light at the Carrières de Lumières, OR:

DISCOVERY Participate in a Painting Workshop and be inspired with the opportunity to learn the techniques and style of the famed master painter Vincent van Gogh. You’ll design a painting of your own after the style of the renowned master who took his own artistic stimulation from the Provence light and scenic landscapes in Arles, OR:

CLASSIC Take part in a Guided Sightseeing Tour of Arles and get the opportunity to meet with and learn from a local bullfighter and be enlightened in the traditions and historic secrets passed down over the span of hundreds of years.

You might opt to go exploring on an Optional Guided Excursion to uncover the enchantment of the vibrant pink waters of the Carmargue at the naturally formed wondrous salt marshes of Salin d’Aigues-Mortes.

If you’d rather, use your spare time to visit a few of the charming local shops, go on a scenic walk, or stop and relax with a good book on a bench in an admirable park along Arles’ Boulevard des Lices.

After this eventful day, unwind onboard your Avalon Waterways river cruise ship with some exciting live entertainment.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 4 Avignon

Essential Oils and Ancient Roman Aqueducts

You will have the options of embarking on a guided bike tour with the opportunity for wine tasting, or participating in a guided tour in Avignon, or taking a tour of the Museum of Aromas and Perfume.

ACTIVE Go exploring by way of Guided E-Bike Ride through the town of Tavel, the origin of the decadent wine, French Rosé. Following the tour, relax with a Wine Tasting, OR:

DISCOVERY Take in the scents and aromas of lovely essential oils and fragrant herbs during a Guided Tour of the Musée des Arômes et du Parfum, the museum of perfumes and aromas, and take advantage of the opportunity to concoct your own personal fragrance, OR:

CLASSIC Go on a Guided Sightseeing Tour of Avignon, which includes a landmark stop at the the 14th-century Palace of the Popes, the largest gothic fortress in the world. In addition, discover Les Halles’ covered market and its large menu of goods and offerings.

This afternoon, you may decide to participate in a Guided Optional Tour of the notorious wine cellars of Châteauneuf-du-Pape for an exquisite wine tasting of local French wines, in addition to the opportunity of creating your own unique wine blend personalized to your preferred taste, or you may alternatively opt to join in an Optional Guided Excursion in which you will canoe through the waters of Pont du Gard—the tallest of all Roman aqueducts. You might prefer to spend your spare time exploring the heart of Provence that is the town of Avignon. Take a relaxing walk or a breezy bike ride alongside the streets decorated with trees and leafy green squares inside the walls of the medieval Avignon.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5 Viviers-Lock Bollène

River Gorge Canoes, Underground Wines, and Nighttime Ghost Stories

As you reach the halfway point of your 10 day Avalon river cruise form Arles to Paris, you will have plenty left to see and do. Before cruising through the towering walls of the Lock Bollène on your way to Viviers, begin this eventful day with a Morning Stretch led by your Avalon Adventure Host.

You will have the options of joining a guided canoe excursion down the luxurious Gorges de l’Ardèche, or accompanying an expert on a hike in the Natural Reserve of Cirque d’Estre, or get a thorough tour of lock Bollène and its magnificent power plant, or enjoy wine tasting at the end of a guided exploration of some of the local caves, or become familiar with some of the indigenous reptiles at a local Crocodile Farm. In the evening, you will be taken on a guided tour of the gorgeous Viviers.

ACTIVE Trek through the waters in an exploration of the Gorges de l’Ardèche in the outstanding canyons of this Rhône branch on a Guided Canoe Trip, OR:

ACTIVE Navigate through the Natural Reserve of Cirque d’Estre on a hike accompanied by an expert guide, OR:

ACTIVE Accompany a Guided Excursion for a remarkable underground cave exploration that ends with a delightful wine tasting—following the lead of a cave guide expert (Speleologist) and a wine-making expert (oenologist), OR:

DISCOVERY Visit a Crocodile Farm and become an expert on the brilliant world of reptiles. This fascinating habitat exhibit is not limited to crocodiles, but also gives you a look at the life of turtles, iguanas, snakes, and includes a marvelous botanical garden, OR:

CLASSIC Go on a guided walking tour of the impressive water facility at Bollène and learn about this grandiose power plant along the Rhône.

DISCOVERY At the end of your day, join a Guided Tour of Viviers at dusk to be chilled and intrigued by the enthralling ghost stories and history of this mesmerizing town.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 6 Tournon/Tann L’Hermitage

Chocolatiers and Railway Engineers in the Twin City Gorge

You will have the option of joining an expedition along the exquisite Gorges du Doux by way of rail bike, or an exploration on a guided hike in the exquisite leafy vineyards, or tour the twin city of Tournon with an expert guide, or explore under the warm scent of the Valrhona museum and factory with a chocolate making workshop and tasting; there will be a Lyonnaise foods demonstration and culinary class, complete with a guided tour of Lyon in the evening.

ACTIVE Take part in a Guided Expedition in the morning to speed across the decline of the Gorges du Doux for a vast scenic view and unforgettable panoramic sightseeing by way of rail bike, OR:

ACTIVE Join a Guided Hike in the scenic lush vineyards that enclose the twin cities of Tournon and Tain-l’Hermitage, OR:

DISCOVERY Be educated in the decadent art of chocolate-making with a tour of the Valrhona factory and museum. Taste for yourself the glory of the local French chocolate, and get the chance to craft your own unique chocolate bar, OR:

CLASSIC Join in a Guided Sightseeing Tour of the twin city to Tain-l’Hermitage, the stunning Tournon, one of the most historic medieval cities of France. You’ll see the Roman ruins of its outstanding castle built in the 16th century.

DISCOVERY Participate in a Cooking Demonstration and learn first-hand how to create a few of the delicacies that the Lyonnaise culture has to offer while voyaging through the river waters on your way to your next destination of Lyon.


An Evening Drive through the Heart of Lyon

DISCOVERY Relax and enjoy the breathtaking sights and opportunities for brilliant photographic memories during an evening drive on a Guided Tour of the beautiful city of Lyon. You will see the heart of Lyon through a bird’s eye view of this area from the peak of Fourvière hill, and the delights of the Presqu’île district.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 7 Lyon

A Festival of Colors, Aromas, and Taste

You will have the opportunity of your choice of either a hiking excursion in Parc de la Tête d’Or with an expert guide, a tour to experience some of the gastronomical and culinary offerings of Lyon, or a chance to experience the traditional Saucisson brioché in a culinary workshop.

ACTIVE Begin your day alongside your Avalon Adventure Host for a Morning Walk.

ACTIVE Indulge the explorer within as you join in on a Guided Hike of Parc de la Tête d’Or, a sprawling urban park with a generous offering of trails and expansive lake, OR:

DISCOVERY Participate in a Culinary Walk accompanied by an expert guide throughout the exquisite Lyon to observe the architecture and sample a few of the local delicacies in a carnival of scents, smells, sights and taste—solely for guests of Avalon, OR:

DISCOVERY Test your baking skills with the opportunity to create your own Saucisson brioché and a few other local food favorites in a hands-on Cooking Class.

During your afternoon, you may want the chance to explore the backroads of Lyon on an Optional Guided Tour throughout the public and private areas for indulgent views of Lyon’s landscapes, starting on the roof of the Basilica de Fourvière, or you might go for an Optional Guided Mountain Bike Expedition across the romantic wine country of Beaujolais. During the evening, paint the town and enjoy the excitement of Lyon’s energetic nightlife with your free time following a farewell dinner gala on board your cruise vessel.


(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 8 Lyon (Disembarkation)

Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.


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