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Avalon Waterways Reviews -10 Day River Cruise from Paris to Amsterdam

Avalon Waterways Reviews -10 Day River Cruise from Paris to Amsterdam. Canals, Vineyards & Paris – Northbound.

10 Day River Cruise from Paris to Amsterdam Discover the brilliance, the elegance, and sheer luxury of Avalon River Cruise with a 10 day cruise from Paris to Amsterdam. First, you will set sail on the breathtaking waterways of the Metz River, while you view a picturesque landscape of lush floral and green terrain on your way to Luxembourg City. Next stop, you will head down the River Seine, the popular and most used commercial water basin and the entry way to such historic places.  Each night on the river cruise to Paris, you will experience top-notch luxurious Egyptian cotton linens and bedding, complimentary self-serve beverage station, bicycles that you can check in and out during your tours around the towns, light lunch and dinner with complimentary wine, and much more. Tour guides will be there to offer assistance and suggestions to assist you so that you feel like one of the local residents. This 10 day Avalon River cruise will give you the experience you’ve been waiting for when touring the waterways through Europe.

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River Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 – Paris, France
Bonjour, travelers! Welcome to the ‘City of Light’. Today, your flight will arrive and you will board your cruise and get settled for the festivities that lie ahead the next 9 days on this luxurious river cruise through Paris. Get ready spend this day coasting through a guided river tour of Paris’ historic sites.


Day 2 – Paris
Today you will embark on a casual sight-seeing tour by foot as you get a taste of the French cuisine on the famous Champs-Elysees strip. Place du Tertre offers you a chance to sit where famous artists drew their inspiration from. Picasso and Salvador Dali were among the few to put their magic on canvas. Aside from the plentiful savory treats, vibrant nightlife, and the romantic ambience, you will want to grab a few pictures of the gothic and baroque architecture that lines each building from top to bottom. No matter which destination you choose, you’re adventure awaits in every corner. (Breakfast)

Day 3 – Paris – Remich, Luxembourg (Embarkation)
Get up early to catch the high-speed train to Metz or Luxembourg City where a prompt motor coach will transport you to Remich on the Moselle. Here, your vessel is docked and you can enjoy a satisfying meal at the welcome reception. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 4 – Trier, Germanyavalon-river-cruises-paris-3
On this day, you will step foot in Germanys oldest city, Trier, quite possibly older than Rome itself. The only surviving gate that stands to date, Porta Nigra, has been here since the original Roman settlement and still makes way into the towns center; German oldest Roman Bridge, the incredible imperial baths, with the original stone walls that date back from 144-152 AD. Once you get into town, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the local market squares and Germany’s old Christian church. The texture of each building in the city is laid with neoclassical, gothic, and baroque-style structured. You may choose between the history-lead Roman Trier guided tours that give you an in-depth look into the uncovered history of each building, towns, and events, or the included guided sightseeing tour where you can go at your own pace. After the sightseeing tours, you will have some free-time to browse shops and search the town by yourself.

Day 5 – Bernkastel
Today you will enjoy the splendor of Bernkastel, the middle of the Moselle region. It’s known for its narrow and winding roads, crooked and timber-framed houses, and renaissance-style town hall. This quaint little area of Bernkastel has stood since the Middle Ages, and is known for its gorgeous marketplace and ‘pointed houses’ that date back to 1416. This is where you will find Germany’s largest vineyard and is widely looked after by wine growers, and is one of the most celebrated areas, Bernkasteler Doktor (winery). Before dinner and heading back to the vessel, have a few samples of the region’s most sensational wines at the Wine Museum. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

avalon-river-cruises-paris-2Day 6 – Cochem
Your next stop will be Cochem, a quaint little town with a story-book feel to go with the half-timbered house and gothic-style architecture. This little town will come to life as you experience historical stories and hotspots on the provided guided tour. Cochem is known for its wine trade, and is the home of the fruity flavored Riesling grape. Feast your eyes on the Reichsburg Castle that was built in 1000 AD. As you peruse the grounds, you will be mesmerized by the renaissance-style décor and the castles many evocative structures and sweeping windows. This picturesque castle sits atop the large cone-shaped hill that overlooks a breathtaking vineyard and a spectacular view of the town. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 7 – Rhine Gorge- Rudesheim
Wake up to a serene cruise through one of the most peaceful rivers, the Rhine Gorge. Outstretched on a sun-kissed terrain are ancient castles that stand tall extending cliffs just 400 feet above the water. Just around the bend, you’ll find the legendary Lorelei, where siren songs of mermaids still taunt the naive sailors. Just after a light lunch, you will dock in Rudesheim, where you will find the Rhine Valley Wine town, then head over to Siegfried Mechanical Musical Museum where the serenade of self-playing instruments that date from the 18th to the 20th century fill the air. Stop by the Drosselgasse, where a special gift is waiting, and grab some unique souvenirs while you’re there. After a while, enjoy the local festivities while sampling refreshing wines and dazzling floral bouquets at the wine garden. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 8 – Dusseldorfavalon-river-cruises-dusseldorf-4
Today, you will get to enjoy a guided tour of sightseeing in Dusseldorf, the center of Rhine-Rhur metropolitan region. Here you will experience the local fashion and trade fairs, along with the popular business and financial centers. Other popular sites include St. Lambertus Church in Old Town, where antique paintings and sculptures still grace the magnificent and timeless walls of this breathtaking church. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 9 – Amsterdam, Holland
As your 10 cruise comes to an end, you will get to experience one last incredible stop, Amsterdam, the ‘Dutch Capitol’, and Hollands 700 year old historic city with its elegant and sophisticated style, narrow houses, and elaborate canals. Among the local markets, busy cafes and restaurants, you will find Amsterdam’s high-end shops such as Maison de Bonneterie and De Bijenkorf.  Grab an exciting canal boat ride through the grachten that is lined with neo-style houses that date back to Amsterdam’s ‘Golden Age’. While you relax on your last full day here, grab a coffee at a local café or take advantage of one the optional excursions that are offered. Whatever you choose, your tour guide will be there to suggest various ways to spend the remainder of your time. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 10 – Amsterdam (disembarkation)
You will enjoy a light breakfast on this last day of vacation. (Breakfast)

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Avalon River Cruise Reviews

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