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Avalon Waterways Reviews – 8 Day River Cruise from Remich to Nuremberg

Avalon Waterways Reviews – 8 Day River Cruise from Remich to Nuremberg. Central European Experience – Cruise Only Eastbound.

8 Day River Cruise from Remich to NurembergThe sights and sounds of magnificent European river cruise through Remich is just a breath away as you set sail through the pristine waterways of the Moselle, Rhine, and Main Rivers. This adventurous 8 day Avalon river cruise will take you through the fascinating historical landmarks of Remich, Luxembourg. Wurzburg will invite you to savor the local cuisine of fresh markets and cafes, dining as a local and shopping the exquisite centers. Enjoy a sightseeing tour through the Moselle wine region, Trier, and then head to Rudesheim and listen to Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Museum. The Bishop Residenz in Wurzburg will introduce you to some exceptional wine and exciting history. Cruise through the Rhine Gorge and discover the mythical journey that lies in the cracks of Lorelei rock while feasting your eyes on the towering castles that sit alone this vast riverbed. Your sensational river cruise through Remich will end in Nuremberg with a delightful breakfast overlooking a gorgeous scene.

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 River Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 – Remich, Luxembourg (Embarkation)european cruises river avalon
You will board afternoon vessel on the Moselle River, and then meet your crew at the welcome reception. The Moselle river, flowing through France and Germany, is a small part of Belgium. This quaint little town is accompanied by wine-making towns that are frequented by tourists. After you have traveled through the Moselle River, you will enter the Germany at Trier. (Dinner)

Day 2 – Trier, Germany
Germany’s oldest city sits at the head of the Moselle Valley, the Trier. According to some, Trier was even older than Rome and was populated before the Romans had arrived. You will discover some of the ancient Roman remains such as the 20,000 seat amphitheater, the Porta Nigra, the only fortified gate that survived the original roman settlement. This gate still gives access to the towns center; ancient imperia baths, and the remarkable roman bridge, and Germanys oldest bridge, in which the stone pilings date back from 144-152 AD. You’re offered a guided sightseeing tour or a more history-focused Roman-Trier guided tour but you are welcome to tour this fascinating city on your own. As you tour the vast serene waterways of the Moselle River, it will become quite clear to you why it is famous for its charming scenery and how it is an important wine-growing region. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

river cruises europe avalon Day 3 – Bernkastel
This charming village with its half-timbered houses and narrowing streets has stood since the Middle Ages and is a widely-know wine growing region as well. The pointed-houses that line these historic streets, built in 1416, are another main attraction in Bernkatstel. You will enjoy the rich and munificent wines that Bernkastel has to offer, while being introduced to its history on a guided tour through the most celebrated and looked-after vineyards, Bernkastel Doktor. These popular Germans wines will be available for you to sample on this guided tour. Don’t forget to drop by the Moselle Wine Museum for some treats and treasures during your free time this late afternoon. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 4 – Rhine Gorge-Rudesheim
Sail the peaceful waterways of the Rhine Gorge as you head up the Rhine River. This river is home of the most breathtaking castles that stand at 400 feet above the water. The Lorelei rock is just a stretch up and around the bend, and still echoes the love song of the mermaids. Another exemplary wine town, the Rhine Valley, is most noted for its cultivation of the Riesling grape. Stop by the narrow and cobblestone Drosselgrasse, where you will enjoy some free time while partaking in the festive atmosphere. Gorgeous blossoming flower and an open-air wine garden offer a soothing ambience as you enjoy the rest of your free time. Don’t forget to visit the Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Museum, where you will hear classic tunes from 18th century self-playing calliopes and music boxes, before picking up your special treat. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 5 – Main River Village
The Main River will take you to cultural gems of quaint towns that are tucked away by towered gates and thwarting walls. The Bavarian villages and medieval town centers offer a picturesque view of the streets and houses that have a story-book ambience. The Main-Raweg, a major German bicycle path, lines this is beautiful river for travelers to enjoy its scenic treasures. To make the most of your experience, you may join a local guided tour of these lovely towns. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Europe waterway PragueDay 6 – Wurzburg
After a quiet breakfast sailing the Main River, you will arrive at Wurzburg, home of the rococo and neoclassical architecture, wineries, wine cellars, and wine bars, and is the center of the Franconian wine country with its distinctive bocksbeutel or bottles with round flattened shapes. Experience the ornate rooms and giant fresco ceilings in the Residenz palace. Join a guided sightseeing tour through the Marienberg Fortress, which serves as the local prince-bishops for five centuries. This fascinating baroque structure houses 13-century Romanesque Bergfried (keep), a renaissance well house from St. Mary’s Church in 1603. Before heading back to your vessel, there will be time to explore the remains on your own. Whether you’re shopping at one of the local markets or grabbing a delicious and fresh pastry from a Konditorei, relax and enjoy the rest of your on-foot adventure. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 7 – Bamberg
You will sail for most of the morning until you dock in Bamburg early afternoon. This quaint medieval town is nestled in Upper Franconia on the Regnitz River that eventually joins the Main River. The Old Town of Bamberg is the historical landmark of UNESCO world heritage site, primarily for its rich medieval appearance. A guided walking tour will take you through the historic centers such as Altenburg Castle, a former residence of bishops, Old Town Hall that is accessible by two major bridges located on the Regnitz River. Discover the chilling and exciting tombs of Pope Clement ll and Emperor Henry ll within the ancient walls of Bamberg Cathedral. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 8 – Nuremberg (Disembarkation)
As your vacation comes to an end, you will arrive in Nuremberg for breakfast this morning. (Breakfast)

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