10 Day Viking River Cruise from Lisbon to Porto 2024

Viking River Cruises River Cruise - Lisbon to Porto

Portugal's River of Gold

Starting from $3,999
Ship(s): Viking Helgrim, Viking Hemming, Viking Osfrid, Viking Torgil
Viking River Cruises
10 Day Viking River Cruise from Lisbon to Porto 2024

River Cruise Description

Experience the renaissance of Lisbon, newly invigorated with trending galleries and restaurants. Explore two of Iberia’s oldest university towns: Coimbra, Portugal and Salamanca, Spain. Roam the port warehouses of Porto. Enjoy traditional cuisine, wine and fado singing. Cruise the Douro River Valley, the world’s oldest demarcated wine region and a UNESCO Site. Our 10-day cruisetour includes a hotel stay in Lisbon and the added bonus of a visit to Spain.

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Departure DateShipPriced From
(per person)
Mar 30, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Mar 31, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Apr 1, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,399Call Us!
Apr 3, 2024Viking Torgil$4,399Call Us!
Apr 6, 2024Viking Hemming$4,399Call Us!
Apr 7, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,399Call Us!
Apr 8, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,399Call Us!
Apr 10, 2024Viking Torgil$4,399Call Us!
Apr 13, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Apr 14, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Apr 15, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
Apr 17, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Apr 20, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Apr 21, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Apr 22, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
Apr 24, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Apr 27, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Apr 28, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Apr 29, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
May 1, 2024Viking Torgil$4,599Call Us!
May 4, 2024Viking Hemming$4,599Call Us!
May 5, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,599Call Us!
May 6, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,599Call Us!
May 8, 2024Viking Torgil$4,599Call Us!
May 11, 2024Viking Hemming$4,599Call Us!
May 12, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,599Call Us!
May 13, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,599Call Us!
May 15, 2024Viking Torgil$4,599Call Us!
May 18, 2024Viking Hemming$4,599Call Us!
May 19, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,599Call Us!
May 20, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,599Call Us!
May 22, 2024Viking Torgil$4,599Call Us!
May 25, 2024Viking Hemming$4,599Call Us!
May 26, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,599Call Us!
May 27, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,599Call Us!
May 29, 2024Viking Torgil$4,599Call Us!
Jun 1, 2024Viking Hemming$4,599Call Us!
Jun 2, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Jun 3, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
Jun 5, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Jun 8, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Jun 9, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Jun 10, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
Jun 12, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Jun 15, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Jun 16, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Jun 17, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
Jun 19, 2024Viking Torgil$4,299Call Us!
Jun 22, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Jun 23, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Jun 24, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,299Call Us!
Jun 26, 2024Viking Torgil$4,299Call Us!
Jun 29, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Jun 30, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Jul 1, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Jul 3, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Jul 6, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Jul 7, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Jul 8, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Jul 10, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Jul 13, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Jul 14, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Jul 15, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Jul 17, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Jul 20, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Jul 21, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Jul 22, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Jul 24, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Jul 27, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Jul 28, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Jul 29, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Jul 31, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Aug 3, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Aug 4, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Aug 5, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Aug 7, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Aug 10, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Aug 11, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Aug 12, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Aug 14, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Aug 17, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Aug 18, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Aug 19, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Aug 21, 2024Viking Torgil$4,299Call Us!
Aug 24, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Aug 25, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Aug 26, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,299Call Us!
Aug 28, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Aug 31, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Sep 1, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,999Call Us!
Sep 2, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,999Call Us!
Sep 4, 2024Viking Torgil$4,999Call Us!
Sep 7, 2024Viking Hemming$4,999Call Us!
Sep 8, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,999Call Us!
Sep 9, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,999Call Us!
Sep 11, 2024Viking Torgil$4,999Call Us!
Sep 14, 2024Viking Hemming$4,999Call Us!
Sep 15, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,999Call Us!
Sep 16, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,999Call Us!
Sep 18, 2024Viking Torgil$4,999Call Us!
Sep 21, 2024Viking Hemming$4,999Call Us!
Sep 22, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,999Call Us!
Sep 23, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,999Call Us!
Sep 25, 2024Viking Torgil$4,999Call Us!
Sep 28, 2024Viking Hemming$4,999Call Us!
Sep 29, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,999Call Us!
Sep 30, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,999Call Us!
Oct 2, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Oct 5, 2024Viking Hemming$4,499Call Us!
Oct 6, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,499Call Us!
Oct 7, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,499Call Us!
Oct 9, 2024Viking Torgil$4,499Call Us!
Oct 12, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Oct 13, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Oct 14, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,299Call Us!
Oct 16, 2024Viking Torgil$4,299Call Us!
Oct 19, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Oct 20, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Oct 21, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,299Call Us!
Oct 23, 2024Viking Torgil$4,299Call Us!
Oct 26, 2024Viking Hemming$4,299Call Us!
Oct 27, 2024Viking Helgrim$4,299Call Us!
Oct 28, 2024Viking Osfrid$4,299Call Us!
Oct 30, 2024Viking Torgil$4,299Call Us!
Nov 2, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Nov 3, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Nov 4, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Nov 6, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Nov 9, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Nov 10, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Nov 11, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Nov 13, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Nov 16, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Nov 17, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Nov 18, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Nov 20, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Nov 23, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Nov 24, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Nov 25, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Nov 27, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Nov 30, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Dec 1, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Dec 2, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Dec 4, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Dec 7, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Dec 8, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Dec 9, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Dec 11, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Dec 14, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Dec 15, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Dec 16, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Dec 18, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Dec 21, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!
Dec 22, 2024Viking Helgrim$3,999Call Us!
Dec 23, 2024Viking Osfrid$3,999Call Us!
Dec 25, 2024Viking Torgil$3,999Call Us!
Dec 28, 2024Viking Hemming$3,999Call Us!

River Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to Lisbon; we will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel in the heart of Lisbon. Relax this afternoon and evening or explore the city a bit on your own.

Day 2 Lisbon, Portugal

After breakfast, embark on a half-day tour of Lisbon. Guests sailing with us on Viking Osfrid or Viking Torgil will begin at Belém with a tour of Jerónimos Monastery, one of the most prominent examples of Portuguese late Gothic Manueline style of architecture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Tower of Belém, where you will stop for a photograph. Guests sailing on Viking Hemming and Viking Helgrim will enjoy a guided tour of the Maritime Museum, located in the monastery’s West Wing. This afternoon you may join an optional tour to explore more of Lisbon or get a taste of its cuisine.

Day 3 Porto, Portugal

Have breakfast, then check out of your hotel and take a scenic ride to Porto. Stop for lunch in Coimbra, birthplace of six Portuguese kings and home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. Upon arrival in Porto, proceed to the dock at Vila Nova de Gaia to board your ship. Then, after boarding, you can relax and get settled in your stateroom. This evening, you can join an optional tour to experience culinary delights at Porto’s famed Graham’s 1890 Lodge and sample a selection of their award-winning ports.
(B, L, D)

Day 4 Regua & Pinhao, Portugal

This morning we sail along the Douro, arriving at Régua in early afternoon. Disembark for an excursion to Vila Real, site of the extraordinary Mateus Palace (the building depicted on the Mateus Rosé wine labels). This stunning baroque palace was the home of the last count of Vila Real; its pinnacled facade, grand stairway, richly appointed interiors and priceless objects on display will astonish you, as will the palace’s enchanting formal gardens featuring cedar-lined walkways, exquisite sculpted hedges and statuary and serene bodies of water. Visit one of the area’s iconic port wine–making institutions. See its vineyard and tour the facility to learn how these unique Portuguese products are crafted, then sample the libation in their tasting room. Rejoin your ship in Pinhão for dinner. (B, L, D)

Day 5 Scenic Sailing: Douro River & Barca d'Alva, Portugal

This morning, we sail east along the Douro. See dramatic, sheer rock formations, picturesque terraced vineyards and graceful bridges and trestles along the way; you also pass through two of the river’s locks at the Valeira and Pocinho Dams. We arrive at Barca d’Alva, not far from the Spanish border, in mid-afternoon.

Day 6 Salamanca, Spain

Today you have a full-day excursion to Salamanca, Spain. This ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a living museum that takes visitors back to the Middle Ages; yet it is also a cosmopolitan and multicultural city with a large population of international students. Take a ride through the Iberian countryside to Salamanca, then spend some time exploring the shops and cafés of the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) on your own. At the local market, enjoy sampling regional cuisine. Your guided city tour takes you to the Gothic House of Shells, 13th-century Salamanca University and the New Cathedral, built from 1513 through 1733. The Old Cathedral still exists and can be visited during free time. Rejoin your ship in Vega de Terrón.
(B, D)

Day 7 Pinhao, Portugal

This morning, we sail west along the Douro passing some of the area’s quintas (vineyards), where you may catch glimpses of vintners tending their vines. After breakfast, disembark for a scenic drive up to the little village of Favaios, and make your way to one of the last traditional bakeries in the Douro River Valley. Discover how bread was made in the old days and how it tasted with a sample fresh from the oven. Explore a typical Portuguese village not yet discovered by the masses, then continue for lunch at Quinta da Avessada, a rustic centuries-old winery in the heart of the Douro Wine District (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and sample local fortified wine such as muscatel. Rejoin your ship in Pinhão and set sail to Régua, where you remain docked overnight. (B, L, D)

Day 8 Regua, Portugal

After breakfast, disembark for a visit to Lamego, a small town known for its baroque Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies, dating back to the 14th century and still used by pilgrims today. Visit the shrine, decorated with exquisite tilework in the Moorish manner, and descend the grand baroque staircase. You also see the town’s Gothic cathedral and the ruins of 12th-century Lamego Castle, with its unusual vaulted cistern. Return to your ship for lunch and scenic afternoon sailing along the Douro as you head back toward Porto.
(B, L, D)

Day 9 Porto, Portugal

After breakfast, take a city tour of Porto, a charming riverside community whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire its graceful bridges, grand cathedral and romantic 16th- through 19th-century buildings nestled together on narrow cobblestone streets.

Day 10 Porto, Portugal

After breakfast, disembark and proceed to the airport for your return flight.* Or, extend your time in the region with a 2-night extension to Braga, Portugal and Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (B)
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