8 Day Viking River Cruise from Regensburg to Budapest 2024

Viking River Cruises River Cruise - Regensburg to Budapest

Romantic Danube

Starting from $2,199
Ship(s): Viking Alsvin, Viking Atla, Viking Egil, Viking Gullveig, Viking Jarl, Viking Tor, Viking Var
Viking River Cruises
8 Day Viking River Cruise from Regensburg to Budapest 2024

River Cruise Description

Visit historic Salzburg. Explore Göttweig Abbey, one of Austria’s most revered monastic centers, and make dumplings with Wachau Valley apricots. Spend two days in Vienna, and celebrate the city’s musical heritage at a concert featuring works by Mozart and Strauss. Soak in the healing qualities of Budapest’s thermal baths. With medieval towns, grand cities and stunning scenery, this 8-day journey on the “Blue Danube” is one you are sure to love.

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Departure DateShipPriced From
(per person)
Mar 15, 2024Viking Tor$2,199Call Us!
Mar 16, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,199Call Us!
Mar 22, 2024Viking Var$2,199Call Us!
Mar 23, 2024Viking Egil$2,199Call Us!
Mar 29, 2024Viking Tor$2,499Call Us!
Mar 30, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,499Call Us!
Apr 5, 2024Viking Var$2,499Call Us!
Apr 6, 2024Viking Egil$2,499Call Us!
May 3, 2024Viking Var$2,999Call Us!
May 4, 2024Viking Egil$2,999Call Us!
May 5, 2024Viking Jarl$2,999Call Us!
May 10, 2024Viking Tor$2,999Call Us!
May 11, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,999Call Us!
May 12, 2024Viking Atla$2,999Call Us!
May 17, 2024Viking Var$2,999Call Us!
May 18, 2024Viking Egil$2,999Call Us!
May 19, 2024Viking Jarl$2,999Call Us!
May 24, 2024Viking Tor$2,999Call Us!
May 25, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,999Call Us!
May 26, 2024Viking Atla$2,999Call Us!
May 31, 2024Viking Var$2,999Call Us!
May 31, 2024Viking Var$2,999Call Us!
Jun 1, 2024Viking Egil$2,999Call Us!
Jun 2, 2024Viking Jarl$2,999Call Us!
Jun 7, 2024Viking Tor$2,999Call Us!
Jun 7, 2024Viking Alsvin$2,999Call Us!
Jun 8, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,999Call Us!
Jun 9, 2024Viking Atla$2,999Call Us!
Jun 14, 2024Viking Var$2,899Call Us!
Jun 15, 2024Viking Egil$2,899Call Us!
Jun 16, 2024Viking Jarl$2,899Call Us!
Jun 21, 2024Viking Tor$2,899Call Us!
Jun 22, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,899Call Us!
Jun 23, 2024Viking Atla$2,899Call Us!
Jun 28, 2024Viking Var$2,899Call Us!
Jun 29, 2024Viking Egil$2,899Call Us!
Jun 30, 2024Viking Jarl$2,899Call Us!
Jul 5, 2024Viking Tor$2,799Call Us!
Jul 6, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,799Call Us!
Jul 7, 2024Viking Atla$2,799Call Us!
Jul 12, 2024Viking Var$2,799Call Us!
Jul 13, 2024Viking Egil$2,799Call Us!
Jul 14, 2024Viking Jarl$2,799Call Us!
Jul 19, 2024Viking Tor$2,799Call Us!
Jul 20, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,799Call Us!
Jul 21, 2024Viking Atla$2,799Call Us!
Jul 26, 2024Viking Var$2,799Call Us!
Jul 27, 2024Viking Egil$2,799Call Us!
Jul 28, 2024Viking Jarl$2,799Call Us!
Aug 2, 2024Viking Tor$2,799Call Us!
Aug 3, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,799Call Us!
Aug 4, 2024Viking Atla$2,799Call Us!
Aug 9, 2024Viking Var$2,799Call Us!
Aug 10, 2024Viking Egil$2,799Call Us!
Aug 11, 2024Viking Jarl$2,799Call Us!
Aug 16, 2024Viking Tor$2,799Call Us!
Aug 17, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,799Call Us!
Aug 18, 2024Viking Atla$2,799Call Us!
Aug 23, 2024Viking Var$2,899Call Us!
Aug 24, 2024Viking Egil$2,899Call Us!
Aug 25, 2024Viking Jarl$2,899Call Us!
Aug 30, 2024Viking Tor$2,999Call Us!
Aug 31, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,999Call Us!
Sep 1, 2024Viking Atla$2,999Call Us!
Sep 6, 2024Viking Var$3,299Call Us!
Sep 7, 2024Viking Egil$3,299Call Us!
Sep 8, 2024Viking Jarl$3,299Call Us!
Sep 13, 2024Viking Tor$3,299Call Us!
Sep 14, 2024Viking Gullveig$3,299Call Us!
Sep 15, 2024Viking Atla$3,299Call Us!
Sep 20, 2024Viking Var$3,299Call Us!
Sep 21, 2024Viking Egil$3,299Call Us!
Sep 22, 2024Viking Jarl$3,299Call Us!
Sep 27, 2024Viking Tor$3,299Call Us!
Sep 28, 2024Viking Gullveig$3,299Call Us!
Sep 29, 2024Viking Atla$3,299Call Us!
Oct 4, 2024Viking Var$2,999Call Us!
Oct 5, 2024Viking Egil$2,999Call Us!
Oct 6, 2024Viking Jarl$2,999Call Us!
Oct 11, 2024Viking Tor$2,799Call Us!
Oct 12, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,799Call Us!
Oct 13, 2024Viking Atla$2,799Call Us!
Oct 18, 2024Viking Var$2,499Call Us!
Oct 19, 2024Viking Egil$2,499Call Us!
Oct 20, 2024Viking Jarl$2,499Call Us!
Oct 25, 2024Viking Tor$2,399Call Us!
Oct 26, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,399Call Us!
Oct 27, 2024Viking Atla$2,399Call Us!
Nov 1, 2024Viking Var$2,299Call Us!
Nov 2, 2024Viking Egil$2,299Call Us!
Nov 3, 2024Viking Jarl$2,299Call Us!
Nov 9, 2024Viking Gullveig$2,299Call Us!
Nov 10, 2024Viking Atla$2,299Call Us!
Nov 16, 2024Viking Egil$2,199Call Us!
Nov 17, 2024Viking Jarl$2,199Call Us!

River Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 Regensburg, Germany

Welcome to Regensburg, Germany. Having escaped major damage during World War II, this picturesque town is considered one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities and the oldest city along the Danube. Transfer from the airport to your ship.* After boarding, you have free time to stretch your legs and explore the city on your own.

Day 2 Regensburg, Germany

This morning, meet your local guide for a walking tour through the scenic town of Regensburg. See one of the largest groupings of 13th- and 14th-century church spires, towers and patrician houses north of the Alps. You also encounter the 12th-century Old Stone Bridge, St. Peter’s Cathedral and a number of idyllic courtyards. Alternately, you may instead choose to cast off on a ferryboat ride to marvel at the 400-foot chalk cliffs and dramatic scenery of the Danube Narrows. You will also visit the renowned Weltenburg Abbey*, famous for its dark ale, brewed here by monks since 1050. Upon your return in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the same included walking tour of Regensburg that was offered this morning. Or, you may choose instead to sample some of the excellent local beer on an optional excursion to explore the brauhaus culture and Bavarian microbrews or take a full-day optional tour to Nuremberg. Rejoin your ship for dinner. We depart this evening.
(B, L, D)

Day 3 Passau, Germany

Arrive this morning in Passau, at the confluence of the Inn, Ilz and Danube Rivers. Your guided walk along the town’s narrow streets takes you through Old Town and past traditional patrician houses. See the New Bishop’s Residence and view the impressive baroque St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Enjoy lunch on board your ship, and return to the city for further exploration on your own. Alternately, you may instead choose a full-day optional excursion to explore glorious Salzburg; visit the Italianate Old Town, see settings from the film The Sound of Music and enjoy lunch at Austria’s oldest restaurant. Return to your ship for dinner and departure. We cruise through the night.
(B, L, D)

Day 4 Krems, Austria

This morning, cruise leisurely through the captivating Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, spotting attractive riverside towns and castle ruins along the way. After lunch, disembark in Krems and visit Göttweig, a working Benedictine abbey that owns many of the vineyards along the Danube. The splendid ceiling fresco in the imperial stairwell is one of the largest in the world. Visit the church, a masterpiece of baroque architecture. Rejoin your ship and continue cruising toward Vienna. Arrive in Vienna just after dinner and enjoy a relaxing evening. Or, you may choose one of this evening’s optional excursions, such as a classical concert in the “City of Waltzes.”
(B, L, D)

Day 5 Vienna, Austria

Awake in Vienna. Today we tour this Austrian capital. Ride along the Ringstrasse, which replaced the city walls in the mid-19th century. See some of the city’s baroque architecture, including the world-famous Opera House, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Hofburg Palace. Return to your ship for lunch. The rest of the day is yours to further explore. Or, you may join us for an optional excursion to visit Schönbrunn Palace, erected in 1778 and admired as the “Versailles of Vienna.” Dinner is served on board. Or, you may choose to head to the famed Grinzing district to join locals in a high-spirited Heurigen celebration of the year’s wine vintage.
(B, L, D)

Day 6 Vienna, Austria

Spend another enriching day in Vienna. You many choose to join one of our many optional excursions, including a panoramic tour of Vienna by bike, a visit to the local Farmers’ Market with a local chef, or an all-day excursion to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, filled with lovingly restored baroque city palaces and leafy squares. Early this evening, enjoy scenic cruising as we start sailing toward Budapest.
(B, L, D)

Day 7 Budapest, Hungary

Arrive in Budapest, Hungary’s vibrant capital divided by the Danube River. Take a panoramic city tour through the more modern Pest side of the city. Journey along Andrássy Avenue and see the 19th- and 20th-century mansions, National Opera House, Parliament Building and Chain Bridge. Drive through Heroes’ Square and learn more about Hungarian history, then cross the Danube to Buda’s Castle District. Visit Matthias Church and enjoy brilliant views of the Danube and the beautiful Hungarian Parliament building from Fishermen’s Bastion. Return to your ship for lunch; the rest of the day is yours to explore both sides of the city. You may also choose to join us on one of several optional excursions designed to reveal this fascinating city’s culture, history and cuisine in greater depth.
(B, L, D)

Day 8 Budapest, Hungary

After breakfast, disembark and proceed to the airport for your return flight.* Or, extend your journey with 2 additional nights in Budapest, giving yourself more time to explore the bustling Hungarian capital.
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