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5 Steps to help with Sea Sickness on Your Cruise

Worried about getting sea sickness on your cruise? I totally understand! My very first time aboard a ship was on the USS Peleliu, a United States Navy vessel for a dependent cruise, and I got really sick. I literally turned green! I swore I would never step foot aboard another sea vessel, that obviously didn’t last long. The good news is that I haven’t been sea sick since that day but I still always make sure I am prepared!

It should be noted that shortly after that experience with sea sickness I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful, now sixteen year old, baby girl. I bring this up because your body and environment have a lot to do with sea sickness. I’m positive that being pregnant had a lot to do with my sea sickness tolerance. I found that being outdoors really and relocating to new sections of the ship helped a lot. For those who are worried about sea sickness it is a good idea to contact one of our travel advisors prior to booking. Our travel advisors can help you pick a stateroom that will have the least amount of motion. It really all just comes down to physics. You want to stay at the lowest level towards the middle of the ship for the smoothest ride. It’s also nice to have a port window or balcony to help with your equilibrium. If affordable I would choose the balcony because for me fresh air was the best remedy!

Happy Traveler Comment
Our cruise was absolutely fantastic, we really loved it! It was our honeymoon and we will always remember! Thank you very much for your service and your patience with my many questions and my bad English! 🙂 [From Germany] — Ingrid K.

5 Steps to help with Sea Sickness on Your Cruise

It’s also important to note that I was aboard a military vessel, comfort and luxury was not at the top of the list! Traditional cruise ships are much smoother. Like I said before, environment has a lot to do with sea sickness. Think calmer water! Contacting a travel advisor can help here too. If you’re worried about sea sickness you don’t want to take a cruise on waters known for having a bit more commotion. Hence, don’t go to the Caribbean during hurricane season! Also, river cruising is known to be a great alternative for people who have really bad motion sickness.

Enough rambling! I promised to provide you with 5 steps to help with sea sickness and I intend to do just that!

  1. Acupressure: My best friend is a Registered Nurse and when I asked for her medical advice concerning sea sickness her first recommendation was acupressure wristbands. Funny, after she mentioned this I did a simple google search and found what is called Sea Bands, makes since! They even have Sea Bands Mama for pregnant women not cruising! If I would’ve known this sixteen years ago I would’ve used the traditional Sea Band alongside the Sea Band Mama.
  2. Over-the-counter meds: Dramamine and Meclizine are both over the counter drugs that are helpful in preventing motion sickness. If you’re worried you can stock up on some before setting sail but in case you forget they are almost always available aboard a cruise ship!
  3. Ginger: So, I love ginger ale. When I was a wee little tot I used to fake being sick just to get my granny to come over with some ginger ale. The point? Ginger naturally helps the digestion process. If you’ve noticed you feel queasy after eating meals while aboard a cruise ship, listen to your body, ginger may be all you need! Ginger Essential Oils works great, according to my friend who uses a lot of essential oils!


    5 Steps to help with Sea Sickness on Your Cruise

  4. Green Apples: Okay, I am totally an advocate for all natural remedies! If it’s needed, of course, I will bring along some Benadryl. But, if I can get away from the side effects of Benadryl and feeling all groggy just by eating some green apples, I’m all in! Green apples help to offset acid in the stomach. Which by the way, is also great for heartburn, but that’s another blog!
  5. Prescription Medication: If the above remedies still do not nullify your qualms about sea sickness, see your doctor. Medications normally used are Scopolamine pills or Transderm Scop, which is a simple patch that is placed behind the ear.

Don’t let sea sickness hold you back from experiencing a vacation of a life time! There are so many tips and tricks to ensure that the most nervous stomach can relax on a cruise. Contact one of our cruise advisors today by calling 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784).  Don’t miss out on our special offers, join our InnerCircle and like us on Facebook for more exclusive offers.


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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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