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Cheap Cruises to Mexico: Low Prices Aren’t the Only Reason To Go

Top 5 Reasons to Cruise to Cabo

Cheap Cruises to MexicoThinking about taking a cruise vacation but aren’t sure where to go? Consider Cabo San Lucas as a destination spot that has a little something for everyone to enjoy! Cabo is your one stop spot to experience some amazing Mexican culture and enjoy some of Mexico’s fascinating adventures. Still not sold? Explore our rather cheap cruises to Mexico and your decision to cruise to Cabo will be an easy one! Here are our top 5 reasons to cruise to Cabo:

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The Food: Wholly Guacamole, the food in Cabo amazing! We are talking authentic Mexican cuisine, fresh ingredients, and mucho grande portion sizes!  You cannot leave Cabo without trying the tamales de guemes, which is tamales made with olive oil, raisins, and olives; and the alemejas chocolates for desert, essentially chocolate covered clams cooked with romerito, an herb local to the region. These are just a few of the local Cabo specialties.  Other local favorites of the area include Cabo’s smoked marlin and famous fish tacos! Some of my favorite restaurants of the area include Los Tres Gallos, and Mi Casa. Trust me these places are muy bueno!

Cruise to MexicoWeather: One of my favorite reasons to visit Mexico is the beautiful weather.  It’s nice and sunny majority of the year and Cabo is no exception! The average temperature for Cabo is around 78 F and you can almost always expect the forecast to be sunny. August and September are Cabo’s rainy season but otherwise you can expect beautiful blue skies.  Let’s not forget the beaches! Not only does Cabo have sandy beaches, the water isn’t as cold in Cabo as it is along most of the beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention, Cabo is just south of the Tropic of Cancer which makes for gorgeous scenery.

Shore Excursions: Considering the weather it’s no wonder that Cabo offers some of the best shore excursions in Mexico!  Want to stay close to the beach? Try reef snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, whale watching, or even surfing lessons! Had enough of the ocean on your cruise? Cabo has desert and mountains areas close by, you can go zip-lining over the river canyon in the mountains of Sierra de la Laguna, which just happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Does the desert sound more enticing for you? Take Baja jeep tour in the desert and see the Fox Canyon waterfalls!  At we can set you up with some amazing Cabo shore excursions  for as low as $60 a person!

Art: Speaking of excursions, you can’t go to Cabo without taking the opportunity to indulge in the local art! Cabo offers many high end art galleries and depending on when you arrive you may even get a chance to take part in one of the local art walks. If art is your thing, you have to visit the Gallery District in Cabo!

Affordability: A trip to Cabo will not break the bank! Plus, on a cruise ship you don’t have to worry about food or hotel, it’s all covered! To top it off, the art, shore excursions, and food are completely affordable in Cabo! You can seriously get a vacation of a lifetime on a very limited budget! Furthermore, at we have several exclusive offers and discounted prices for those sailing on the Pacific Ocean and looking for cheap cruises to Mexico!

Don’t miss out on a fabulous cruise to Cabo, call us today at 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784). We will get you the best price and the make sure you have a fabulous cruise itinerary on your cruise to Mexico! Hasta luego friends, see you in Cabo San Lucas soon!

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