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Avalon vs. Viking: What’s the difference between these European river cruises?

Comparing Avalon vs. Viking river cruises? Let help you decide which cruise line is right for you.

Avalon vs VikingEuropean river cruises are continuing to soar in popularity, offering guests top-tier service, unforgettable itineraries, history and culture-filled excursions, local cuisine and more. If the idea of embarking on a river cruise journey has recently piqued your interest, you may be wondering which river cruise line to choose from. Two of the most popular cruise lines requested here at are Avalon Waterways and Viking River Cruises. Each one can offer you specific benefits and unique excursions and itineraries. Choosing the “best” one truly depends on what you are seeking in a vacation. Let’s explore each one further so you can decide which is best for you.

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So when looking at the Avalon vs Viking question, its important to know that both cruise lines offer a long list of river cruise destination options and a variety of ships. Because river cruise vessels have to be a certain size to fit under bridges, the vessels are somewhat similar in shape but each cruise line adds their own unique design and interior decorating to add to your onboard experience.

Avalon river cruises are known for having distinctive staterooms with standout features such as wall-to-wall panoramic staterooms which completely change the river cruise experience. They also have a MyAvalon program that allows you to customize many areas of your cruising experience such as pre-selecting excursions and tours, food preferences and adding any additional cruise packages before stepping onboard. Other standout included amenities on an Avalon river cruise are things such as onboard movie nights, a well-stocked library, lively Sky Deck with whirlpool, bicycles that can be checked out and used in certain ports of call for free, room service, and a favorite among travelers, free Wi-Fi.

European river cruises Viking River Cruises is known for its big, bright ships displaying innovative Scandinavian design. River cruises on this line often include an abundance of guided tours at no extra charge, and the company tries to immerse guests in local culture as much as possible onboard with shows/presentations/activities as well as onshore. Other perks include a library and boutique onboard, outdoor terraces throughout the ship and numerous dining options. Free Wi-Fi is also standard abroad Viking, making it a hit for those who still have to conduct business while on their trip.

In addition to the above mentioned amenities, both of these incredible river cruise companies offer the same perks, such as free bottled water on your trip, free wine/beer/soft drinks onboard with specific meals throughout the day, a welcome and farewell reception, and optional extra nights. Staterooms on both lines range from your standard stateroom, between 150 and 172 square feet, to top-tier suites up to 440 square feet.

So what are the cruise lines’ specific differences? For starters, Viking does not have bikes onboard or a specified gym area, the reason being the founder feels all of Europe is an outdoor gym and daily excursions usually include walking, biking, etc. What they do have however are a wide range of cabin sizes, and a great terrace area that you can grab a quick bite to eat if sitting down to a formal two-hour dinner every night does not interest you. Viking is truly a luxury river cruise ship and the best choice for independent travelers who want to focus on and make the most out of each destination, and not be “nickeled and dimed” for an abundance of onboard amenities they have no interest in.

When it comes to Avalon Waterways, cabins include floor-to-ceiling glass outer walls, essentially providing you with an incredible view. There are alternative dining options if a sit-down dinner is not appealing for whatever reason. This might be the river cruise line for you if you typically lean towards four-star hotels and want to soak in as much scenery during your trip as possible.

No matter which cruise line you choose, European river cruises are one of the best modes of travel and can offer you an unforgettable adventure. has a variety of both Avalon and Viking river cruise itineraries available. Let us help you decide which cruise line is right for you – call the CruiseExperts today at 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784). Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and join our InnerCircle for exclusive offers and cruise news you can use! Also, check out our new Resource Center, where you can receive expert knowledge from us before your next cruise or cruisetour!

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