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VOOM Cruise Ship WiFi – Royal Caribbean’s Fastest Internet at SEA

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi cruising blues

do you get wifi on a cruiseOne of the questions we’re frequently asked at is “Do you get Wi-Fi on a cruise?” It’s not surprising – the Internet has become essential to our daily lives in so many ways. Most cruises now offer some form of Wi-Fi, but cruise ship Wifi can often be slow and spotty. It can take a long time for pictures to upload, making it hard to share your adventures with family and friends on shore. And forget streaming a video – download times can be so slow at sea that your cruise will be over before that two-hour movie finishes downloading. Royal Caribbean’s VOOM cruise ship Wi-Fi has changed all that. Now guests who cruise with Royal Caribbean can enjoy the same high-speed connections they are used to on land. Here’s everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean’s VOOM, the fastest Internet at Sea.

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What is VOOM?

VOOM is cruise ship Wi-Fi access that is an astonishing 6x faster than any other internet at sea. Royal Caribbean uses special satellite internet technology that targets individual ships at sea to directly deliver internet capabilities. VOOM is now available fleetwide on every ship in Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, giving you access to high-speed Internet no matter where you cruise.

What can I do with VOOM?

cruise ship wifiWith Royal Caribbean’s incredibly fast VOOM WiFi service, you can do everything you normally do on the Internet when at home.  You’ll be able to share every unforgettable moment of your vacation in real-time. Stream live video of your fabulous cruise excursions and stay in touch through video chatting on FaceTime and Skype.  Text, email, and upload pictures to Facebook and Instagram to your heart’s content. You can even stream your favorite playlist on Spotify and enjoy movies and shows on Netflix with no jerkiness, delays, or loading errors.

How can I get VOOM?

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers two tiered pricing packages on its superfast cruise internet service. Guests can save 30% on VOOM access when they order it before departure. Royal Caribbean offers discounts for multiple devices so your whole family can enjoy VOOM high speed cruise Wi-Fi access without breaking your budget. Prices are good as of April 2016.

VOOM Surf is for travelers who want basic internet connectivity. You will be able to surf the web, email, text, and share photos on social media. Prices start at $12.99 per device per day or $19.99 for a single-day pass.

VOOM Surf and Stream is for guests who want to do it all. You will have streaming capabilities so you can watch movies on Netflix, stream music from Spotify, and stay in touch on Facetime and Skype.  Prices start at $17.99 per device per day or a single day pass is available for $27.99.

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