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Cruise to Cuba: 7 Things to Know

ATTENTION CUBA TRAVELLERS: The US has eliminated cruise travel to Cuba. Any sailings booked prior to June 5, 2019 will still depart as planned, but all cruise travel to Cuba after this date has been canceled.

cruise to cuba

Cruise to Cuba and experience island life in a whole new way.

There is a certain fascination and mystery about a country that has been off limits to U.S. citizens for decades, and that country is now open to visitors meeting certain requirements. A cruise to Cuba is now available from most cruise ship lines. At, we can help you book your travel to Cuba including excursions that help meet visitor requirements.

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Requirements for Americans Traveling to Cuba

A Cuba cruise requires U.S. citizens to meet the following requirements;

  1. You need a Cuba Tourist Card (same as a visa) which should be available from your cruise line.
  2. Your passport needs two pages for Cuba entry and exit stamps and must be a minimum of six months from its expiration date.
  3. Completion of a travel affidavit in which you verify that your visit to Cuba falls into an approved category. (Fill out two copies, and retain one copy for five years).
  4. The popular choice is “Support for the Cuban People.” This category has requirements that can easily be met by maintaining an active full-time schedule of daily activities that support the Cuban people.
  5. Shore excursions which are booked through the cruise lines help visitors experience a wide range of exposure to the Cuban people and culture. All daily activities which you can book through your cruise line meet the U.S. State Department’s list of acceptable activities which should result in meaningful interaction with Cuban citizens.
  6. Keep all itinerary records and receipts for all purchases including meals for five full years. A small notebook or journal works well for recording all your daily activities.
  7. AVOID any transaction with a GAESA-owned (military-owned) business.

Click here to browse through our Summer 2019 Cuba sailings.

Currency in Cuba

The currency used by tourists is the Peso Convertible (CUC). There is a 10% fee when changing U.S. dollars to CUC. You won’t be able to use your debit or credit cards in Cuba. Convert your cash to CUC in the CADECA exchange houses, which are located in every city in Cuba.

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