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7 Cruise Ship Etiquette Tips

Cruise Ship Etiquette

It’s always a pleasure to share our blog page with those who share our passion for all things travel. Rachel Wagner is a respected business etiquette consultant and founder of Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Recently, she and her husband David escorted Cruise Experts Agency’s “Jewels of the Baltics” group on a 14-day cruise. Fresh off the “boat”, Rachel offers would-be, first-time and even seasoned cruisers some excellent tips on cruise ship etiquette and basic manners while on board. Check out her good advice, and feel free to share with your friends and family!

Happy Traveler Comment
Thanks [Glynna] for this "gracious" walk through. What a wonderful customer service style you have. Much appreciated. Indeed I expect to enjoy this cruise. Will be hard to get off at the end of 16 glorious days. — Lynette K.

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Cruise ships are a relaxing way to see the world

However, whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or embarking on your first cruise, cruise ship etiquette is part of being a savvy and courteous cruise traveler.

Below are seven cruise ship etiquette tips. They’re fresh in my head; I just returned from a 14-day “Jewels of the Baltic” cruise. It was a treat to visit beautiful and historic cities on or near the Baltic Sea. But, because I had not cruised in several years, it seemed a good opportunity to think about cruise ship etiquette tips that are relevant for anyone taking a first…or fourteenth cruise.

1. Don’t be a slob just because you have a cabin steward.

Sure, you can place dirty towels on the bathroom floor to indicate you want fresh ones. But, try to make the steward’s twice-daily cabin clean up easier. Place dirty dishes in one area and shoes on the closet floor instead of the room. Keep personal items neatly organized on the bathroom vanity and coffee table.

2. Be mindful of loud conversations in the hallways.

There are night owls and early-to-bed folks on every cruise. It’s considerate to keep voices soft in the corridors to show courtesy to those who may sleep at different times than you. Ships have a variety of beautiful public lounges and the “crow’s nest.” These areas are perfect for longer and livelier conversations rather than cabin corridors, especially late at night or early in the morning. And, if your stateroom also includes a veranda, low voices is also a courteous gesture to your veranda neighbors!

3. Use your best table manners in the formal dining room.

If you’re at a table of 4-8, wait until everyone at your table is served before starting to eat each course. Be courteous and polite to the servers and wine stewards. When ordering, it’s more gracious to say, “May I please have the…” rather than “Give me the…” Good table manners are a reflection on you and shows courtesy to those serving you, even if you choose to dine in one of the more casual eating areas.

4. Dress properly for the dining room.

The appropriate attire is stated in the daily program for that evening. Attire recommendations vary from cruise line to cruise line. However, most nights are generally designated “smart casual” and several nights are “gala” attire. If you wish to dress very casually for evening dining, you may feel more comfortable enjoying the “lido” buffet. This more relaxed setting still offers a variety of cuisines and more flexible dining hours.

5. Share the chairs.

If you don’t plan to relax at the pool until late morning, don’t stake out a sun lounger at 7 a.m. with your books and pool towel. And, if saving seats for your group at the theater and they’re running late, release the seats for other guests.


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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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