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Going on a Cruise for the First Time: Learn Proper Cruise Etiquette

going on a cruise for the first time

Learn how to enhance your cruise for first-time passengers.

Going on a cruise for the first time can be an unforgettable and joyful experience but learning proper cruise etiquette before you embark can help enhance your experience. By learning proper cruise etiquette, you can help ensure you don’t become a problem passenger while also avoiding mistakes first-time cruisers tend to make.

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What Not to Do on a Cruise

With passengers having numerous ways they can disturb the cruise ship crew and fellow passengers; we’ve created a list of the most critical things not to do when you’re going on a cruise for the first time:

1. Never Miss the Ship: It may seem obvious but not being on the cruise ship when it disembarks from the port happens far more often than you think. With cruise lines needing to stick to a tight schedule due to destination obligations, cruise ships will not sit idly by while they wait for you to board after leaving time. If you do miss the cruise ship, you not only miss out on fun activities and delicious food on the ship, but you may also be forced to pay for transportation to the next port of call. Making sure your clocks are adjusted to the local time of your departing destination can help avoid mistake passengers make while going on a cruise for the first time.
2. Avoid Overpacking: No one wants to forget their swimsuit for a cruise, but overpacking is another aspect of what not do to do on a cruise. Most cruise ships include laundry service onboard which can help cut down on packing endless amounts of socks. However, cabin space is still limited so packing efficiently is still a must for going on a cruise for the first time.
3. Quarantine Your Sickness: While experiencing motion or seasickness is not pleasant or common, it’s best not to use the side of the ship when you’re feeling sick. Going to your room to deal with the illness can help avoid spreading anything to other passengers while also helping them avoid any unpleasant sightings.

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Cruise Etiquette Tips

For passengers going on a cruise for the first time, there are things they may not be aware of until they experience them firsthand. To help first-time cruisers learn proper cruise etiquette and what not to do on a cruise, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips:

1. Treat the Crew with Respect: Cruise crewmembers work extremely hard to ensure your cruise is a lifetime experience. However, no one is perfect, and they can make mistakes, but politeness and a little bit of patience can go a long way and will cost you nothing. Also, tipping policies can vary from ship to ship so learning the tipping procedures before you embark will help enhance your cruise etiquette.
2. Don’t Hoard Amenities: One of the unfortunate aspects of cruise ships is the ratio of passengers to available sunbeds. Waking up early and placing a towel on a sunbed only to be used for a few minutes is one of the top things of what not to do on a cruise. Spending time lingering around your dinner table can also upset fellow passengers needing a place to eat in a crowded dining room.
3. Be Mindful of Food Etiquette: Although you’re on a sea cruise, you’re still expected to dress appropriately while in the formal dining area. While most cruise ships will allow for more casual wear in the dining area, wearing swimwear to dinner is still a no-no. Hoarding the buffet food back to your cabin is also looked down upon, especially when the buffet is open most of the day in addition to room service options.

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