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The best places to eat in Montreal

Jul 11, 2014 - Considering a New England & Canada cruise this fall? Several itineraries leave from the port city of Montreal, Quebec. Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and perhaps its finest attraction is its culinary community. Simply put, you'll be hard-pressed to find a city that has a better collection of restaurants and eateries anywhere. Whether you're looking for some homegrown poutine (a local favorite featuring french fries covered in gravy) or a more fancy affair in a 3-star restaurant, you'll be able to find just about anything in this city. Plan to have a meal before you board your cruise ship or after you disembark, before heading home.

One of the great things about eating in Montreal is the variety of options that are available. Montreal is a melting pot of culture, and this is reflected beautifully in the food of the city's best restaurants. Here are three of our favorite places to grab a bite:

Joe Beef: According to Eater Montreal, David Chang's favorite restaurant in the world is Joe Beef. Located on Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, it is considered by many to be Canada's best restaurant, with a menu that focuses on reinventing rustic, meat-heavy dishes.

joe-beef-caesar-cocktail-07032014 The Caesar is very popular. Photo courtesy of Joe Beef. Featured picture is the bar at Joe Beef

Maison Publique: Specializing in French-Canadian cuisine, you'll have your fill of charcuterie, pate and other regional specialties at this delightful gastropub.

maison-publique-bar-07012014 Photo courtesy of Maison Publique

Park: This restaurant is run by an Argentine-born, Japanese-trained chef who combines cuisines from those two countries to produce a style of cooking that is completely unique. Expect lots of sushi, sashimi and fresh fish.

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