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5 Reasons to Take a European River Cruise

Water has always been essential to human life, so cities dating back to Mesopotamia have naturally developed along seashores, rivers and other waterways. Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Amsterdam – name a city you’ve always dreamt of seeing and, chances are, we can find a river cruise that will take you there. River Cruising is fast becoming one of the more popular forms of travel. Forget spending hours navigating unfamiliar highway systems and lugging your belongings from one hotel to the next – river cruising in Europe will ensure that you make the most of your vacation without wasting precious time en route. Rather than straining to read each indiscernible exit sign on your way to Paris, you can fully appreciate the ever-changing landscape as your river cruise glides effortlessly along the Seine, Rhine, the Danube, or one of the other main European rivers. Every bend of your voyage promises stunning vistas, as medieval castles sit proudly atop hillsides lined with lush greenery.

Seine creativity. 5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

Seine creativity. 5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

Below are my personal top 5 reasons to take a European river cruise at least once. If you can think of more let us know!

Happy Traveler Comment
Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for making such great arrangements for our NCL Pearl cruise. Everything went so smoothly for boarding the ship in Miami, all the in-between happenings, and departing from the ship at the end of our cruise. We really appreciated your picking our cabin for convenience. It was about 10 steps from the elevators. The NCL Pearl is a beautiful ship and our cabin was tops. We had great service and met a lot of new people. Thank you again for your great reservation services. I'll be happy to recommend you to any of my friends who are looking to do a cruise. — Marcie
  1. No Sea Sickness: River Cruise Vessels are flat-bottomed for a smoother ride. This feature along with calmer waters can pretty much ensure that those who are prone to sea sickness will be fine.
  2. More Time in Port: Not only do river cruise vessels dock right in the heart of the cities, allowing for easy access to port towns, but they stay overnight at several port stops, or leave late in the evening. This allows passengers much more time for exploring, guided tours, experiencing the night life, and meeting the locals. River cruise ships touch land daily, so most of your cruise vacation will be exploring the ports, not aboard the ship.
  3. Inclusive Pricing: Many river cruises have everything included in your ticket price. Usually you will not have to spend extra for wine at dinner or shore excursions. Also, aboard river cruise ships internet is free, which can run you a pretty penny if you’re taking a traditional ocean cruise.
  4. Educational: One of my favorite parts about river cruising are the guided tours that are set-up for passengers ahead of time. They are usually very educational and focus on the history of the area you are visiting. River cruise ships sometimes bring local entertainment aboard in the evening as well for an even better glimpse into local culture.
  5. Mostly Adults Aboard: Occasionally you may see a teenager aboard a river cruise but the chances are not likely. In fact, there are usually fewer than 200 people aboard a river cruise. These cruise vessels are much more intimate and you may just know everyone’s name by the time the cruise is over!
Affinity Romantic Rhine

Affinity Romantic Rhine. 5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

At, we offer a variety of river cruise vacation options from some of the most trusted names in luxury cruises. Since river cruise ships are designed to navigate the winding waterways of some of the most beautiful regions in the world, booking a featured cruise with us means you’ll get to see a staggering array of awe-inspiring locales without lifting a finger. is here to help make your river cruise a trip of a lifetime. There are hundreds of different itineraries, vessels, and dates to ensure you have the best river cruise experience possible! Call today at 1 (888) 804-CRUISE (2784), like us on Facebook and join our Inner Circle for amazing exclusive offers and information regarding your next river cruise!

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