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Considering an Asia Cruise? Cruise to China for the Chinese New Year!

Cruise to China for the Chinese New Year and Enjoy an Unforgettable Trip

China has become a hot spot for the Asia cruise industry over the last few years. Some of the best ships, best deals, and best itineraries are coming out of China and Americans are ready for the adventure! And, what better time to jump on board than for the Chinese New Year!

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Just wanted to follow up and say what a pleasure it was to work with you [Darlene] and Cesar and I am thankful for the patient and prompt responses to several questions I had leading up to the trip. And the trip was awesome! I would also recommend Holland America. We did a cruisetour. The land tour schedule was intense at times, but worth it. I feel like we saw three weeks' worth in one week. And there were never any lines and very little waiting with Holland America having made all arrangements ahead of time. I can't imagine a better trip! Thank you! — Brigette and Bruce W.

China will be celebrating their most important traditional festival of the year, their spring festival, better known as the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year occurs February 8th, with the festivities starting New Year’s Eve on February 7th and this year they will be celebrating the year of the monkey!

Asia Cruise LanternsWhat’s truly spectacular about the Chinese New Year is that the festivities last for 15 days, beginning on the first day of the first lunar month and ending on what is referred to as the Lantern Festival, February 22nd of 2016. This gives American cruisers plenty of time to enjoy the rich and exciting customs the Chinese have to offer.

Each day of the Chinese spring festival brings something new, so it’s best to book China cruises around the festivities you want to enjoy most. Here is a quick list of highlights you might enjoy.

The Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 7th, 2016): To get ready for the Chinese New Year, families like to get together for a meal.  Depending on what part of China you are in, a traditional meal will be served: dumplings in the North or year cake in the South. This is also the time when the elders give the children their red envelopes and Chinese families decorate their doors in celebration of the New Year. My favorite part: on the Chinese New Year, you can expect to see fireworks light the sky!

Asia Cruise FireworksNew Year’s (February 8th, 2016): More fireworks! It is custom for the Chinese to set off fireworks on New Year’s Day to
drive off evil spirits and the red of the fireworks is a sign of good luck! On New Year’s, it is custom to visit the elders of the family.

Day 2 Kai Nian (February 9th, 2016): Kai Nian translates to the beginning of a year. On Kai Nian the traditional custom of the Chinese is to offer gifts to the God of Fortune. Today you may notice local business setting up red carpets, and offering livestock in hopes of gaining good fortune throughout the year.

Day 3 Chi Kou Ri (February 10th, 2016): This would be a great day to stay aboard your ship if you want to keep with Chinese customs. It’s known as Chi Kou Ri, which is translated to the day of the red mouth. Chinese will usually stay in their homes on this day because it is believed people will be more likely to argue and fight with others.

Day 4 Yang Ri (February 11th, 2016): Yang Ri is the day of the goat. Today, according to Chinese custom, you should throw away all items that have no value. It’s similar to having a garage sale for us but these items are trashed instead of resold.

Day 5 Festival of Po Wo (February 12th, 2016): Prior to Po Wo, many people, especially women, will stay indoors and even some shops may be closed but today it is business as usual. You may see fireworks again on this day.

Day 6 Ma Ri (February 13th, 2016): Today is the day to get rid of poverty. There are several legends behind the origins of Ma Ri and different areas of China will celebrate the day in a different way. You may see candles lit up to lighten the road for the ghost of poverty. Many Chinese will throw out their clothes that are ragged and deep clean their homes.

Day 7 Ren Ri (February 14th, 2016): Today is the day of the human. As expected today is a day for good food. Many eat noodles, as it is believed noodles will help with longevity. Other regions make a soup with seven vegetables.

Day 8 (February 15th, 2016): Many Chinese celebrate this day by teaching their children about farming and agriculture. In some areas of China they let livestock free today.

Day 9 (February 16th, 2016): The 9th day of the Spring Festival is for the Jade Emperor’s birthday. It is customary for the Chinese to set off fireworks between midnight and 4 a.m. on this day.

Day 10 (February 17th, 2016): Today the Chinese people celebrate the God of Stone. It is extremely unlucky to move, touch, or even handle anything made of rock or stone on this day. You will notice people burning incense on the 10th day for the God of Stone.

Asia Cruise DragonDay 11 (February 18th, 2016): If you are lucky enough to be in China at this time it is best to be in Binyang County where you can witness Pao Long Jie, the dragon dance festival. In Binyang County they have the largest dancing dragon and people gather for miles to see him perform.

Day 12 (February 19th, 2016): Today is the day to buy and prepare the lanterns.

Day 13 (February 20th, 2016): In Northern China you will not see any activities on this day but in Southern China it is the day to show homage to the lanterns. People everywhere will come out and enjoy all of the beautifully decorated art pieces.

Day 14 (February 21rst, 2016): Today is the day to buy your lanterns. You will see more of the dancing dragon and even the dancing lions in the streets. Families will make their own lanterns with their children.

Day 15 (February 22nd, 2016): Today is the official Lantern Festival Day. The parades will start early with dragon and loin dancing to follow. The streets will be packed with people enjoying this amazing event and in the evening the magic occurs! After several days of preparation the lanterns are lit and sent into the sky. The sheer beauty surrounding this occasion is an experience of a lifetime.

If you’ve always wanted to visit China and go on an Asia cruise, the Chinese New Year is the time to do it! You will have the opportunity to get the most traditional Chinese experience and there will be lots of unique events to explore.

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