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Cruise Experts Guide to a Caribbean Cruise

Want to learn more about a Caribbean Cruise? We have your guide!

FCaribbean Cruise Guideinding the perfect destination spot on a cruise to the Caribbean may be harder than you thought! Many cruisers feel somewhat overwhelmed when they’re asked if they want to cruise to the East, West, or South Caribbean. Simply put, a cruise to the Caribbean covers such a vast area it has to be separated in regions. Good news, you have the! We will explain everything there is to know about your Caribbean cruise destinations.

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Mexico Caribbean CruiseWest Caribbean: If you are looking at taking a Western Caribbean Cruise you will most likely have port stops in places like Cozumel, Belize, Jamaica, and the Grand Cayman Islands, just to name a few. For the most part a Western Caribbean Cruises would sail around Cuba, Mexico, and south along the Central American coast.

What is truly fascinating about the west side of the Caribbean is the Mayan Ruins and a must see if you are intrigued with Mayan history. Another amazing feature found in the west Caribbean is the beautiful reefs and stunning nature found in some of the islands that may be included in your port stops. For instance, Grand Cayman has spectacular diving spots and Jamaica has magnificent natural beauty all over their island. What is really exciting about this region of the Caribbean is that soon you may be able to cruise to Cuba, as it looks promising that in 2016 many travel restrictions to the island will be lifted.

If this sounds like the perfect itinerary for you, most west Caribbean Cruises depart from Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. The best part is the prices, even on a limited budget, a west Caribbean cruise is possible!

Bahamas Caribbean Cruise East Caribbean: If island hopping has always been on your bucket list, you may opt to take an east Caribbean Cruise.  Most of your port stops along the way will most certainly be to islands; including but not limited to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. East Caribbean port stops generally will also include a port stop in the Bahamas, which is technically not a part of the Caribbean but a wonderful added perk, and any private islands your cruise line may own.

The highlight of the east Caribbean would have to be the beaches. In my opinion they are some of the most gorgeous beaches to be seen. You may also find that there are more port stops on an eastern Caribbean Cruise. So, if you want to see as many places as possible you may want to start your search on the eastern side of the Caribbean.

Another bonus with traveling to the east Caribbean are the departure ports. You can find itineraries to the east Caribbean all along the east coast of the United States. Florida and Puerto Rico are popular departure points for east Caribbean cruisers as well.

Barbados Caribbean CruiseSouth Caribbean: Like the ports in the east, most of your stops in the southern Caribbean will include islands and have several port stops. It is important to note that a south Caribbean Cruise will most likely take a little longer to get to your destination, so expect a little more time at sea. The south Caribbean is full of smaller and less populated islands like, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, and Aruba.

Although, very similar to the east, as far as the several islands and beaches, travelling to the south Caribbean will not be as crowded and the islands have more of a pristine feel to them. You can really relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters. Several south Caribbean Cruises will take you through the Panama Canal locks too, which is for sure a plus for those who want to see some of the world’s finest creations!

Remember, it is always best to contact one of our cruise advisors if you have any questions at 1-888-804-CRUISE(2784). We can help you choose the right ship and itinerary to help make your Caribbean Cruise vacation an experience of a lifetime!

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