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Transcanal Cruise Tips

What is a Transcanal Cruise?

Panama Canal Crossing Guide 101.

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To put it simply, a Transcanal cruise refers to the crossing through a canal. Of course, the most popular transcanal cruise is through the Panama Canal. To completely understand what a transcanal cruise is you should know there are a couple of options. You can choose a full transcanal cruise, often referred to as a full transit cruise. Or, you may opt to take a partial transcanal cruise. Occasionally you may even hear people referring to a faux crossing when speaking of transcanal cruises, but a faux crossing never truly enters the canal.  Considering the Panama Canal is a very popular bucket list cruise all of these terms can get overwhelming when trying to decide which transcanal cruise is right for you.

Transcanal cruise tips

Transcanal cruise tips

Transcanal cruise tips

Transcanal cruise tips

Full Transcanal Cruise:  A full transcanal cruise is often referred to in a few different ways. It can be called a Panama Canal cruise, a full transit cruise, or even a repositioning cruise. However, to be certain you are on a full transcanal cruise your itinerary will sail you completely through the locks, from one ocean to the other. It is also important to note that a full transcanal cruise will usually be around two weeks although that is just a rough estimate. The length of the cruise really depends on the exact itinerary, the departure and arrival cities, and the ports of call.

What’s really nice about a full transcanal cruise is the price, these cruises are often less expensive than a partial transcanal cruise because the cruise ship may be repositioning to a new port. It should also be noted that with this option you will not be returning to the same destination you sailed from, well that is unless you take another full transcanal cruise back in the other direction!

Partial Transcanal Cruise: A partial transcanal cruise is just like it sounds. You will get to experience some of the Panama Canal locks and port cities, but you will not cross through to the other side. What’s nice about a partial transcanal cruise is that you get the opportunity to see more of Panama. Rather than spending the whole day going through all the locks you will get a port stop.

Faux Crossing: If the locks don’t intrigue you but Panama does a faux crossing is always an option. On a faux crossing your ship will port at the Caribbean entrance and allow you to explore a sliver of Panama without ever having to truly enter the locks.

Transcanal cruise tips

Ship in Miraflores locks in Panama Canal

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