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Millennials and Cruising: 5 Reasons Why it’s a Match Made in Vacation Heaven

Millennials and Cruising

We Think Millennials and Cruising Is the Perfect Match. Here’s Why!

Which type of vacation allows you to visit multiple countries, enjoy a variety of adventurous offshore activities, and indulge in five-star food and drink? Cruising, of course. And while cruising was once considered the travel go-to option for older generations, a recent Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) study shows Millennials and Generation X now favor cruises over any other form of traveling. It’s no surprise really, as cruise lines have revamped on and offshore activities, culinary experiences, and jam-packed itineraries that have younger generations booking tickets nonstop. While ocean cruises are considered the best cruises for young adults and families, when focusing on the numbers, river cruises come in a close second. So, if you are in the midst of planning your next adventure, consider these five reasons why Millennials and cruising are a perfect combination:

1. Everything at your fingertips for an affordable price

Imagine an extensive list of destinations, ports of call and excursions, plus an abundance of restaurants, shops, bars, amenities, entertainment options, clubs and more available when you step out of your room? A Millennial cruise goer can get all of this for an affordable price and cheaper than going on most land or air-based travel tours. Plus, with many cruiselines offering all-inclusive experiences, there are plenty of opportunities to get more bang for your travel buck.

2. See multiple countries in one trip

While backpacking is a popular travel adventure for Gen X’ers and Millennials, trips often need to be longer in order to cover the distance. Cruising offers this type of whirlwind experience where you can immerse yourself in different countries, cultures and landscapes all within one cruise. Plus, itineraries range from just a few nights to several weeks and even a month or longer!

3. Feast on culinary delights

Unique, mouthwatering food experiences are important to most Millennials and cruises do not disappoint. Not only are the ever-changing nightly menus incredible in their variety, but specialized dining options on the ship create even more distinctive culinary options. Plus, some cruise lines such as Holland America offer onboard farm-to-table culinary experiences where you will find local items offshore and create a meal with chefs during a private lesson.

4. Onboard entertainment will keep you engaged

Internet can be pricey onboard, but a Millennial cruise is the perfect time to disconnect and enjoy the fresh air and face-to-face conversations. Plus, every cruise line has its own unique blend of onboard entertainment options to keep you busy. Whether you want to zip line, rock climb, surf, paint, watch a Broadway-style show, ice skate, hear a lecture, or visit an art auction, all of this and more is available on your vacation.

5. A top option for young families

Millennials and cruising have also become such a huge hit in the travel industry because many cruise lines offer affordable, child-friendly vacations. Young families who want plenty of activities to keep their youngsters busy while also getting in a little adult time opt for cruise ships. Some cruises also offer themed cruises, which can be perfect for children.

With so many ocean and river cruise lines to choose from, let a agent help you find the best Millennial cruise for your interests and budget. Visit or contact us directly at 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784) to learn more. And, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and join our InnerCircle for exclusive offers and cruise news you can use! Also, check out our new Resource Center, where you can receive expert knowledge from us before your next cruise or cruisetour!

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