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What Happens When a Port Stop is Cancelled?

what happens when a port stop is cancelled

Find out everything you need to know about what happens when a port stop is cancelled

Port stop cancellations are always a risk when you take a cruise. Stormy weather, mechanical malfunctions, crowded port conditions, and security concerns can create unsafe situations that make cancelling a port stop the best way for cruise lines to ensure the safety of their passengers. While port stop cancellations are certainly a disappointment, understanding what happens when a port stop is cancelled can help you stop worrying about the possibility so you can focus on enjoying your trip. 

Itinerary changes

When port stops are cancelled, cruise lines only have three real options with regard to itinerary: rescheduling a different port stop, spending an extra day at sea, or shortening the cruise.

  • Substitute port stops: When port stops care cancelled before the cruise begins, in response to political unrest or because past bad weather occurrences (such as hurricanes) have left a port in an unsafe condition for travelers, cruise lines are often able to reschedule a different port stop. Rescheduling a port stop that was cancelled at the last moment due to inclement weather can more difficult, but can occur. Substitute port stops can be a fun surprise, giving you a chance to explore a destination that you otherwise would never have seen.
  • Days at sea: Sometimes the ship will simply spend an extra day at sea when a port stop is cancelled rather than rescheduling a different port stop. When this occurs, cruise lines typically try to arrange scheduling to make sure all guests are able to access luxury onboard services such as massages and relaxing spa treatments.
  • Shortening a cruise: Cruise lines typically only shorten a cruise in cases of port stops that are cancelled due to ongoing severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes.

Cruise compensation

The cruise compensation missed ports generate from cruise ships is typically limited to excursions booked through the cruise line. If your port stop is cancelled before your cruise takes place, the entire amount you paid for shore excursion will be refunded to the account you used when booking.  If the port call is cancelled at the last minute, the amount you paid for shore excursion will be instantly deposited to your onboard account. If you booked shore excursions directly without going through the cruise line, you may not be able to get any refund, particularly for last minute cancellations.

How travel insurance can help recommends that you take steps to make sure a port stop cancellation doesn’t ruin your cruise vacation by purchasing travel insurance. Some travel insurance policies may offer cruise itinerary change compensation, also known as “missed port cover”.    If you choose insurance that offers this option, you will be reimbursed a certain amount for any port stops that are cancelled or changed, up to a predetermined limit.

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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