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What Is a Repositioning Cruise and What Are the Benefits?


repositioning cruise

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A repositioning cruise is a perfect opportunity to score a great cruise for a discounted price.

You may have heard of a repositioning cruise, but aren’t really sure what it is and what it includes. A repositioning cruise is a one-way cruise that moves a ship from one departure port to another at the end of a cruise season.

An example would be a ship that sails Alaska cruises during the season would be repositioned during the winter when there are no cruises sailing to Alaska. You may find a transatlantic cruise on a ship repositioning for the season or a transpacific cruise. Repositioning cruises give you the opportunity to visit places that might normally be out of your price range.

At, we have all the information on repositioning cruises into 2021. Call us at 1.888.804.CRUISE (2784) and we’ll help you find a transatlantic, transpacific, or a warm climate repositioning cruise.

Benefits of a Repositioning Cruise

There are numerous benefits to booking a repositioning cruise, which can make them very attractive.

1. The fare for a repositioning cruise can be as much as 50 percent less than a regular fare. You will have to pay for the cost of your one-way air flight home, and here at, we can find you a great deal.

2. Repositioning cruises are usually 12 days or longer as they need time to cross an ocean and in some cases a hemisphere. This extra time allows for a few days at sea. There’s time to relax and enjoy all the amenities your ship has to offer.

3. You get to visit ports not normally part of a cruise itinerary. A transatlantic cruise could include ports in the Canary Islands and Azores.

4. A repositioning cruise is less crowded, and you’ll find it easy to find time to enjoy classes (cooking, dancing, craft, or others), lectures, and cultural programs.

5. The entertainment is always fantastic. Each cruise line has its own special nighttime entertainment including musicals, comedians, live music in the clubs, game shows, parties, casino, and more.

6. Daytime activities are always plentiful and vary by cruise line. Enjoy relaxing by the pool, ride the water slide, miniature golf, basketball, and many other exciting activities are available on a repositioning cruise.

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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