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Cruise vs Land Vacation – Which is More Expensive?

cruise vs land vacation

When considering a cruise vs. land vacation, the savings from an all-inclusive cruise definitely makes a cruise vacation the preferred choice.

Vacations are special times. They offer an opportunity to get away from the stress of the job, spend quality time with the ones you love, and visit new and exciting places. Sometimes planning a vacation can be challenging especially when considering a cruise vs. land vacation.

Should you plan a cruise vs land vacation? It can be hard to decide on a resort vs cruise vacation without all the cost information available.

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Here at, we have all the information you need to help you plan the perfect vacation. We think you’ll be surprised to learn just how affordable a cruise can be.

All inclusive cruises are the best choice when working within a vacation budget because your final price will include accommodations, meals, entertainment, and more.

Cruise vs Land Vacation

What are the expenses associated with a land vacation? A one-week vacation includes travel (car, bus, train, or air), accommodations, three meals a day, snacks, fees for points of interest and historic venues, evening entertainment, drinks, parking (if driving), and taxi or Uber fees when necessary.

A land vacation can grow very expensive quickly. With a cruise vacation, all your expenses for food, accommodations, entertainment, reaching your destination and returning, and more are included in a single fee. If your vacation must comply with a budget, a cruise vacation is best.

When traveling on land, you don’t know how much it will cost for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. In popular destinations, the prices can be very high. Usually, hotels include a continental breakfast of coffee or tea, a bagel or muffin, and perhaps juice.

If you want something more substantial, you must order from their restaurant or room service which can be very pricey. On a cruise, your full day of meals is included.

Discover cruise tips for first-time cruisers here.

All Inclusive Cruises

You may have considered taking a land tour by bus, as it includes transportation, nightly accommodations, some meals, and some attraction fees.

While technically it’s an inclusive tour, it doesn’t come close to providing the amenities provided by all-inclusive cruises. Take a look at these comparisons we’ve put together for you.

Travel Comfort

• Car or Bus – You are confined and must sit until arriving at your destination. This will happen over and over. No private space if you feel like being alone or taking a nap. You can’t skip a day of your bus tour. You must follow the scheduled routine with everyone else.

• Cruise – You can enjoy a variety of activities, eat lunch on a patio with amazing views, or even get a massage on the way to your destination. You can relax or take a nap in your cabin or sit outside and enjoy the view when you want a little privacy. You can decide to hang out on the ship if you don’t feel up to an excursion.

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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