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Seniors Travel: Have You Crossed Everything Off Your Bucket List?

We now use the term “Bucket List” when in the past it referred to “Kicking the bucket”.  Times have changed!  People are living longer, retiring earlier and, in general, enjoying a longer, healthier life. Best of all, seniors are now able more than ever to take those dream vacations and enjoy their golden days.

 This is your time to enjoy! Treat yourself to the gift of travel because time is now your friend. The destinations are endless and the means of travel are diverse.

Happy Traveler Comment
Just booked flights to Oahu today. I was going to do it online myself, but thought I'd give Jeremy Hayes at a call first. Guys! She saved me nearly $200 AND added a rental car with the same exact flights I was going to book through Google! Call her next time you need to go anywhere! — Hollis

Not sure what your travel options are?

Here’s a short primer:

  • Land independent Travel – Everything is booked and arranged for you, but no escort is provided. You’re on your own to explore and enjoy the destination.
  • Land Escorted Tours – An escort is with you throughout the complete trip.  They make sure you get from point A to point B as planned all while having some fun along the way. Most of these tours are operated in groups.
  • Cruising – Unpack your bags once and enjoy a variety of cruise ports! There are cruise lines available to match every lifestyle in a multitude of destinations. Want a specific time away? No problem! There are also many cruise length options – from 3 to 4 days all the way up to 150 day world cruises.
  • Cruisetours – This combines a cruise with a land tour package at the beginning or end of the cruise.  The land package segment is escorted.
  • River Cruising – This is a fast-growing and wonderful way to see the rivers of the world. Just like a regular cruise, you unpack your suitcase once, but the atmosphere and port access is quite different. Because the ships are much smaller and river ports often land you in the middle of small towns and villages, you will get to stop in more intimate ports, be close to the castles and cathedrals of Europe, see the wonders of Egypt or explore the temples of Asia much more easily.

The best time to travel is off-season

If you want the most value for your money, you will take this advice to heart. Look for times when children are back in school and the crowds are more manageable. This usually means any time from September to March (Exclude Spring Break, summer and Holidays) and into the beginning of May.

Get started checking off those dream vacations

Book Early! It is a misperception that prices will always go down. Unfortunately, as we see everything is going up.  To get the best price, desired tour, stateroom or flight, it’s a smart idea to start planning several months ahead with the help of a trusted travel agent professional.

Go get your Passport and start spending your kids’ inheritance! Where would you love to go?

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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