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Top 10 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

Looking for Ideas for Your Next Trip? Consider a River Cruise!

river cruiseTravel trends are finally catching up to what astute travelers have always known; there is more than one way to cruise.  This means you don’t have to forgo luxury cruising if have an aversion to spending days on the ocean or you are just not into traveling with a crowd. The landscape of river cruises provides a backdrop for nostalgia and personifies the ephemerality, grace and style of any megaship. The popularity of river cruising today is evidenced by the fact that, in recent years, it is not uncommon for these cruises to be sold out months or as much as a year in advance.  This is due in part to a number of changes that have occurred in the river cruise industry and recognition of the inherent benefits of a river cruise.

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Whether you are taking one of the American river cruises or seeking to find the best river cruises in Europe, here are the top ten reasons I suggest that you consider a river cruise.

1.) Smooth Sailing: Probably the most important benefit of taking a river cruise is peace of mind.  Since there are no waves and swells to contend with, you can stop worrying about motion sickness, queasy stomachs and Dramamine.  In fact, the depth of most rivers are typically only a few feet.  There are also no predatory mammals like sharks to think about.  And, with the shoreline always visible, you naturally feel more secure which is always a prerequisite for total relaxation.

american river cruises2.) Passenger List: Forget the hustle and bustle of crowds and lines at the buffet tables or when getting on or off the ship. River cruise ships are designed to accommodate fewer guests which translate into a more intimate and memorable travel experience. It’s easier to get to know your fellow passengers as well as members of the cruise team that attend to your needs.  This enhances the ability to immerse yourself into the history and culture of the destination you are visiting whether you are on an American River Cruise or a River Cruise in Europe or Asia. A smaller passenger list also provides greater opportunity to make new friends as well as enjoy seclusion if that is your preference.

3.) Destinations: The emphasis on exploration and enjoyment of the places being visited intensifies the overall pleasure of cruising. Apart from the fact that you wake up to an exciting new destination every day, you have the option to bask in stunning scenery complete with castles, vineyards and historic villages and towns from the privacy of your room or balcony. American river cruise itineraries feature stunning panoramic views on the Mississippi River, Southeast US, Northeast US, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. European river cruise adventures feature a diverse and sophisticated mix of picturesque locations such as Amsterdam, Budapest and Paris plus cruises on rivers such as the Danube and the Rhine to name a few. In fact, it is the general consensus that one river cruise is never enough to take in all the marvels of man and nature.

4.) Entertainment: There are a range of games and activities on every river cruise so don’t worry, you won’t be missing out. Planned programs provide enriching experiences tied to location such as authentic performances from local entertainers, university level lectures, wine tasting, archaeological tours and interesting displays from destination artisans.  Plus, on days or nights that you prefer staying in, your stateroom television offers a variety of T.V. programs including movies, news and documentaries among others.

5.) Informal: The mostly casual ambiance of river cruising means you can pack lighter.  Forget the tux and give your calves a rest from those super high heels.  However, for an occasional evening concert or dinner in town, it may be a good idea to tuck in one or two business casual outfits that’s comfortable for you. While dressing up for formal nights can be fun for some, I found the freedom of leisure wear while on vacation a real bonus.

6.) Luggage Ease – A highly appreciated benefit of river cruising is the fact that you only have to unpack once. Ask any traveler and they will tell you that this benefit is sheer bliss.  First of all, it eliminates most of the burden of dragging luggage on and off transportation vehicles as well as the worry of losing things.  Also, since ports are close and there are less crowds, there is no need to pack and leave your bags outside your cabin the night before you leave the ship.  You can enjoy the comfort of having all your things at your fingertips until you get to the end of your vacation.

7.)  best river cruises in europeValue: The growing popularity of river cruises is aligned with the amenities, service and cuisine of today’s modern cruise lines. But, if you are accustomed to seeing low rates for ocean cruises, the cost of a river cruise may seem a bit exorbitant. However, some of the primary reasons the value points of river cruise lines may differ from that of a megaship begins with the exquisite features such as larger cabins and balconies and a mostly inclusive pricing structure that often include beer, wine, champagne, specialty coffees, in-cabin movies, Wi-Fi, shore excursions and access to spas, swimming pools and onboard entertainment.  In addition, you never have to worry about surprise costs or hassled to purchase photos or other memorabilia while on board.  There is only one caveat. Always check with your travel agent or cruise line representative to find out exactly what is included in your upfront travel costs.  As far as value goes, for me river cruising provides the best all-inclusive cruise  experience.

8.) Pace: It is not atypical on a river cruise to have the entire day spent enjoying the port of call whether you choose to stroll, bike around town, browse store fronts, sample the local fare or join an organized tour. Proximity of ports to towns, restaurants, cafes, local historic sites and museums provides ample time for exploration. It reminds us that a river cruise is about leisure rather than keeping dinner schedules or hopping from one activity or floor show to the next.

9.) Immersion: Frankly, after a great river cruise you can almost feel as if you have lived, even briefly, in the exotic places you visited. Since itineraries are usually customized based on location, the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the taste and culture of each destination locks in the memory of the food, drinks and people you meet.

10.) Vistas: No one can dispute the pleasure of an exquisite view.  But let’s be honest; after a few days at sea, ocean is really all that you get to see.  Not so on a river cruise.  Since there are no inside cabins, every guest gets their own front row seat of an ever changing topography while lounging on the terrace or sometimes even while lying in bed.  What could be better than that?

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